AELE Expert Witness/Litigation Consultant Listing

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Name: Paul O. Davis

Date of Birth: 7/23/45

Current Employer: First Responder Institute

Address: 15312 Spencerville Court
Burtonsville, MD 20866

Phone: (301) 421.4433

FAX: (301) 421-9575


Internet Website:

{1} Relevant prior and part time employment, with dates:

{2} Degrees and relevant special training:

(3) Other Professional Activities

(4) Retainer Information
Work ratio has been approximately 2:1 for defendants versus plaintiffs.

(5} Name, address and telephone of attorneys who may be contacted as references.

{6} Publications that contain paid advertisements:

{7} What is your usual and customary fee:
$350/hr; quotations furnished upon request or in conjunction with a defined statement of work


(9) Types of Cases you will not accept:
Cases outside of my area of expertise

{10} State any other information or remarks you think useful in evaluating your services (publications, awards, achievements, special interests, types of cases you will not accept, etc.):