AELE Expert Witness/Litigation Consultant Listing

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Name: Terry Eisenberg

Birthdate: December 6, 1938

Current Employer:

Address: 735 Cornish Dr., San Diego, CA 92107-4250

Tel: (858) 792-9106

Fax: (858) 792-9126

(1) Relevant prior and part-time employment, with dates:

(2) Degrees and relevant special training:

(3) Other professional activities:

(4) Retainer information:

(5) Name, address and telephone of attorneys who may be contacted as references:

(6) Publications that contain your paid advertisements (since 1996):

(7) Usual and customary fee:

(8) Areas of Expertise and Experience:

Note - Letter codes used in front of the subject mean:
[ T ] Testified in court or at depositions on the subject;
[ R ] Retained as a consultant, but have not testified on the subject.
[ Q ] Qualified to testify or consult on the subject, but have not served as a paid consultant.

[T] Employment discrimination (hiring/promotions)

[T] Sexual harassment

(9) Types of cases you will not accept:

Plaintiff cases against police departments

(10) Other information relevant in evaluating your services (publications, awards, achievements, special interests)

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