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Name: Glen R. Murphy

 Mr. Murphy retired in Dec. 2000.

Birthdate: April 18, 1930

(1) Relevant prior and part-time employment, with dates:

  • 1980-2000: President of Murphy Associates, Inc. Consulting Firm specializing in the development and impacts of administrative and management practices, particularly administrative procedures and disciplinary process in both the public and private sectors.
  • 1964-1980: International Association of Chiefs of Police. Director of Research and Legal Counsel at the close of 16 years service which included assignments as Director of Research and as a management consultant to more than 20 police agencies.
  • 1964-1978: American University, Adjunct Professor, Police Administration.
  • 1958-1964: St. Louis, MO Police Department Director, Planning/Research.
  • 1956-1958: Oak Park, MI Police Department Police Officer.
  • 1955-1956: Citizens Research Council of Michigan. Consultant-Analyst on operations of government agencies for Detroit firm.

Mr. Murphy has deep and unique experience in government, law, and police administration. His career since 1957 has involved him with the major issues in American law enforcement at the federal, state and local level. In addition, Mr. Murphy has maintained a network of working professionals at every level of police agencies across the country through which he is able to keep himself, and the agency for which he works, attuned to the needs for change and responsiveness in changing times. Mr. Murphy's experience carries the perspective of one who knows his profession from the viewpoint of the police officer, the researcher, the administrator, and the lawyer.

(2) Degrees and relevant special training:

  • LLB-JD Detroit College of Law, St. Louis University School of Law
  • B.S. Michigan State University, Police Administration

(3) Other professional activities, etc.: (includes former memberships)

  • American Bar Association
  • Virginia Bar Association
  • Missouri Bar Association
  • District of Columbia Bar Association
  • Federal Bar Association
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • National Sheriff's Association
  • National District Attorney Association
  • Defense Research Institute
  • Police Executive Research Forum

(4) Retainer information:

Appx. Number of times retained by claimant's counsel: In excess of 200

Appx. Number of times retained by defense counsel: In excess of 800

(5) Names, addresses and telephone numbers of attorneys who may be contacted as references:


(6) Publications that contain your paid advertisements (since 1996): N/A

(7) Usual and customary fee: N/A


Note - Letter codes used in front of the subject mean:
[ T ] Testified in court or at depositions on the subject;
[ R ] Retained as a consultant, but have not testified on the subject.
[ Q ] Qualified to testify or consult on the subject, but have not served as a paid consultant.

[ T ] Administrative negligence (failure to direct, inadequate supervision)

[ T ] Agency policies, practices and customs

[ T ] Batons, flashlights and other impact weapons

[ T ] Chemical irritants & electrical weapons

[ T ] Deadly force; shooting avoidance and alternatives

[ T ] Employment discrimination (hiring/promotions) or sexual harassment

[ T ] Failure to protect specific persons (domestic violence, witnesses, etc.)

[ T ] In-custody inmate/prisoner suicides (and prevention methods)

[ T ] Inadequate premises security (guards, CCTV, locks, lighting, etc.)

[ T ] Injuries to / physical or sexual assaults on inmates an prisoners

[ T ] Insufficient or inadequate training

[ T ] Neck restraints and similar defensive tactics

[ Q ] Poor or inadequate conditions in jails and correctional facilities

[ R ] Psychological screening of employees

[ T ] Retention of a known unfit employee or negligent entrustment of a weapon

[ T ] Standards for discipline, internal affairs procedures, (in)adequate punishment

[ T ] SWAT techniques, hostage & barricade situations

[ T ] Vehicle pursuit & emergency response policies & techniques

(9) Types of cases you will not accept:

(10) Other information relevant in evaluating your services:

Examples of Adjunct Positions Held:

    • U.S. Department of Justice,
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation-National Executive Institute,
    • Northwestern University-Traffic Institute,
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation-National Academy,
    • Canadian Police College, National Sheriff's Institute,
    • American University,
    • Southwestern Law Enforcement Institute,
    • University of Texas,
    • Southern Methodist University,
    • University of Georgia,
    • University of California-Berkeley,
    • Commonwealth of Virginia-Department of Criminal Justice Services,
    • Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police,
    • Law Enforcement Television Network,
    • Northern Virginia Police Academy.

State and National Boards and Commissions:

    • President's Commission on Crime, Project Director, Washington, D.C. Study,
    • President Reagan's Advisory Task Force on Crime
    • Mayor Goode's Police Task Force; Study of the Philadelphia Police Department
    • Governor of Texas Commission on Criminal Justice Planning,
    • First Staff Director Criminal Law Committee, American Bar Association

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