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Name: William F. Naber

Current Employment: Naber Technical Enterprises

Address: 581 Sawka Drive, Suite B Auburn, CA 95603

Tel: (530) 887-0122

Fax: (530) 887-1092


Internet website:

(1) Relevant prior and part-time employment, with dates:

Jail, Police Practices, Law Enforcement Procedures Expert

Professional Work History

1984 to date: Owner, Naber Technical Enterprises, Auburn. CA.

2004 to Date: Principal, Mediation Services of Northern California,
     Alternative Dispute Resolution practitioners in collaborative law, arbitration, and mediation for private persons, groups, agencies, and organizations.

1984 to 1987 Assistant Court Compliance Officer and Auditor. Assistant to Thomas Lonergan, Special Court Master and Monitor

1980 to 1984: Sonoma County California Sheriff's Department

1965 to 1980: Marin County California Sheriff's Department. Service Included:

1965 to 1967 Safeway Corporation, North Bay District, Grocery Clerk

1962 to 1965 United States Army Security Agency,
     MOS 058 Intercept Operator U.S., Chitose, Japan

(2) Degrees and relevant special training:


Professional Certificates and Licenses:

(3) Other professional activities:

(4) Retainer Information:

(5) Names, address and telephone numbers of attorneys who may be contacted as references:

(6) Publications that contain your ads:

(7) Usual and customary fee:

(8) Areas of Expertise and Experience:

{9} Types of cases you will not accept.

       Every case is weighed based on its merits during the free 15 minute case assessment discussion.

{10} Other information relevant in evaluating your services (publications, awards, achievements, special interests).

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