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Name: Dr. James F. Pastor, Ph.D., J.D.

Current Employment: SECURELAW LTD. (8 years), Public Safety & Security Services

Address: 65 West Jackson Blvd., #112, Chicago, IL 60604-3598

Tel: (312) 423-6700

Fax: (312) 692-2322


Internet website:

(1) Relevant prior and part-time employment, with dates:

  1. Pastor Law Offices, Attorney/Principal, Chicago, Illinois, 1995-2003
  2. Office of International Criminal Justice/Security Programs, U.I.C.
    Legal Advisor/Senior Consultant, Chicago, Illinois, 1995-1996
  3. SecurityLink, Legal Counsel/Operational Auditor, Oak Brook, Illinois, 1993-1995
  4. Joseph V. Roddy & Associates, Associate Attorney, Chicago, Illinois, 1992-1993
  5. Chicago Police Department, Assistant Department Advocate, Office of the Superintendent, 1990-1992
  6. Chicago Police Department, Tactical Police Officer, Gang Crime Enforcement Unit, 1985-1990
  7. Chicago Police Department, Patrol Officer, 21st District, 1983-1985

(2) Degrees and relevant special training:

(3) Other professional activities:

  1. Calumet College of St. Joseph, Public Safety Programs, Associate Professor, June, 2002-Present
    Instructor to active police officers, including chiefs and other management personnel, from the Chicago Police Department and from suburban and Northwest Indiana police departments:
  2. International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), Adjunct Instructor, February 2008- Present
    Instructor to police officials, including chiefs and other management personnel, from policing agencies throughout the world.
  3. Northwestern University- Center for Public Safety, Adjunct Faculty, July, 2003-2005
    Instructor to police supervisors, including chiefs and other management personnel, from police departments throughout the nation.
  4. Webster University, Security Management Department, Adjunct Faculty, 1995-July, 2004
    Instructor to police officers, security management, and military personnel.

(4) Retainer Information:

(5) Names, address and telephone numbers of attorneys who may be contacted as references:

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(7) Usual and customary fee:

(8) Areas of Expertise and Experience:

{9} Types of cases you will not accept.

     We evaluate all inquires on a case by case basis. If we can bring value to the case, then we would accept it unless a conflict of interest or other ethical concerns exists.

{10} Other information relevant in evaluating your services (publications, awards, achievements, special interests).

     Dr. Pastor has a dynamic and unique background in policing and security. He has been a frequent speaker on security and police matters, including several national conferences. He has worked in a security capacity in several specific environments including high rise office buildings, restaurants, colleges, and in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

     Dr. Pastor has written several articles on policing and security, and is the author of three books: Terrorism & Public Safety Policing: Implications for the Obama Presidency (2009), Security Law & Methods, Butterworth-Heinemann (2006), and The Privatization of Police in America: An Analysis and Case Study, McFarland & Company (2003). He also authored a chapter in ASIS Internationalís Protection of Asset Manual entitled: Private Policing in Public Environments.

     Dr. Pastor is board member of ASIS International (member- Law Enforcement Liaison Council), Illinois Chiefs of Police Association (IACP) (member- Public/Private Council), Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), and Security Advisor for the Society of Human Resource Professionals (Chicago Chapter).