Online Policy and Procedural Manuals

U. S. law enforcement and corrections agencies


(Compiled by Brian Cummings of the Richmond (VA) Police as of 09 Feb. 2010)



1.      AELE case digests: Personnel Policy Manuals - Disciplinary Case Law

2.      Anne Arundel County (MD) Police

3.      Arizona: Dept. of Corrections Policies

4.      Austin (TX) Police

5.      Beaverton (OR) Police

6.      Boston (MA) Police

7.      Brunswick (GA) Police

8.      Chandler (AZ) Police

9.      Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) Police

9.      Chicago (IL) Police

10.  Cincinnati (OH) Police

11.  Colorado Springs (CO) Police Administration Orders and Field Orders

12.  Columbus (OH) Police

13.  Craig (CO) Police

14.  Denver (CO) Police

15.  Fayetteville (NC) Police

16.  Fairlawn (NJ) Police

17.  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

18.  Florida Highway Patrol

19.  Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Model Policies

20.  Garden Grove (CA) Police

21.  Golden (CO) Police

22.  Iowa City (IA) Police

23.  Kansas City (MO) Police

24.  Kenosha (WI) Police

25.  Lawrence (KS) Police

26.  Los Angeles (CA) Police

28.  Madison (WI) Police

29.  Mille Lacs Band (MN) Police

30.  Minneapolis (MN) Police

31.  Monroe County (FL) Sheriff's Office

32.  New Jersey: Div. of Criminal Justice Directives and Guides

33.  Olympia (WA) Police

34.  Orland Park (IL) Police

35.  Peoria (AZ) Police

36.  Pima Co. (AZ) Sheriff's Dept.

37.  Portland (OR) Police

38.  San Jose (CA) Police

39.  Seattle (WA) Police

40.  San Francisco (CA) Police

41.  Tucson (AZ) Police

42.  Virginia: Virginia DCJS Model Policies

43.  Washington D.C. Metro Police



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