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The legal staff responds to requests for case law and advice from administrators of law enforcement, corrections and other public safety organizations. Wayne Schmidt, the AELE Executive Director served for 20 years as vice-chair of the Legislative Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (1988-2008) and currently is a member of its Professional Standards Committee; he also is senior legal advisor to the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and its members (since 1974).

AELE attorneys will assist in finding case law pertaining to law enforcement civil liability and jail and prisoner legal issues. Send an e-mail to: Bernard J. Farber Esq. Mr. Farber is Editor and Research Counsel.

If your inquiry concerns internal affairs investigations, disciplinary offenses or labor relations, send an e-mail to: Wayne Schmidt, Esq. Mr. Schmidt is Executive Director.

There is no charge for the occasional use of this service if you (a) you have attended an AELE Workshop (or you are registered at a future Workshop), or (b) you are a Legal Advisor to a public safety agency, or (c) you are a member of the IACP or NSA. Please identify your affiliation in the e-message. If you are a law enforcement officer or criminal justice employee, we will assist you if time permits. AELE does not charge for its advice or research services.

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