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Name: Charles P. Stephenson

Agency or Employment Affiliation: Orion Security, Inc.

Address: 6600 West 95th Street, Suite 102, Overland Park, Kansas 66212

Telephone: 913-385-5657

Fax: 913-385-5740


Internet Website:

[1] Relevant prior and part time employment with dates:

[2] Degrees and Relevant Training:

[3] Other Professional Activities:

[4] Retainer Information:

[5] Names and addresses and telephone Attorney Reference:

Sarah E. Baron Houy,
Bangs and McCullough, Butler, Foyce & Simmons, LLP,
First Interstate Gateway Building,
Fourth Floor 333 West Boulevard,
Rapid City, SD, 57701

Shaffer, Lombarado, Shurin,
911 Main Street, Suite 2000,
Kansas City, Missouri

Michael B. White,
Eldelman & Thompson LLC,
Attorneys at Law
Penntower Office Center,
3100 Broadway, Suite 1400,
Kansas City, Missouri, 64111
816 561-3400

[6] Publications that contain my paid advertisements:

[7] Usual and Customary Fee:

[8] Areas of expertise and experience:

       Note - Letter codes used in front of the subject mean:

[9]  Types of cases you will not accept:

     N/A I consider each case on the individual merits

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