Abbreviations of law reports, laws and agencies



19** (or 200*) ___ Lexis = (Year, Court/Agency, Lexis-Nexis) see
19** (or 200*) ___ WL = (Year, Court/Agency, WestLaw) see
A.2d = West’s Atlantic Reporter
AAA = American Arbitration Ass’n,
ABA = American Bar Assn.,
ADA = U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
AD Cases (BNA) = Americans with Disabilities Cases
ADEA = U.S. Age Discrimination in Employment Act
ALJ = Administrative Law Judge
Black, Black’s = Black’s Law Dictionary (West Pub.)
BNA = Bureau of National Affairs,
CBA = Collective bargaining agreement (labor contract)
CBNC = BNA’s Collective Bargaining Negotiations & Contracts
Cal.Rptr.2d = West’s California Reporter
C.D.O.S. = California Daily Opinion Service
C.F.R. = Code of Federal Regulations
CrL = Criminal Law Reporter,
DoJ; DoL = U.S. Dept. of Justice; Dept. of Labor
EEOC = U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,
Emp.Disc.Rep. = BNA’s Employment Discrimination Rep.
ERB, ERC = [state] Employment Relations Board, Commission
ERISA = U.S. Employee Retirement Income Security Act
FEP Cases = BNA’s Fair Employment Cases
F.2d, F.3d = West’s Federal Reporter (U.S. Appeals Courts)

Fed. Appx. = West’s unpublished U.S. District Court opinions

Fed. Reg. (or FR) = Federal Register,
FMCS = Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service,
FMLA = Family and Medical Leave Act
FOIA = Freedom of Information Act
F.R.D. = West’s Federal Rules Decisions
F.Supp., F.Supp.2d = West’s Federal Supplement (U.S. District Courts)
G.E.R.R. = BNA’s Government Employees Relations Reporter
HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS)
HRC = [state/local] Human Relations Cmsn.
IER Cases = BNA’s Individual Employment Rights Cases
L.A. = BNA’s Labor Arbitration Reports

LAIG = Labor Arbitration in Government (AAA and LRP)
L.Ed.2d = Lawyers Edit., U.S. Supreme Court Reports

LRP = Labor Relations Press,
LRRM = BNA’s Labor Relations Reference Manual
LW or L.W. = U.S. Law Week,
M.J. = West’s Military Justice Reporter (military courts)
MPDLR = Amer. Bar Assn’s Mental & Physical Disabilities Law Reporter,  

MSPB = U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board,
N.E.2d = West’s Northeastern Reporter
NLRA, NLRB = U.S. National Labor Relations Act, Board,
N.W.2d = West’s Northwestern Reporter
N.Y.L.J. = New York Law Journal,
N.Y.S.2d = West’s New York Reporter
OPM = U.S. Office of Personnel Management,
OSHA = Occupational Safety & Health Administration,
P.2d = West’s Pacific Reporter
PERB, PERC = [state] Public Employment Relations Board / Commission
PBC = Commerce Clearing House’s Public Bargaining Contracts,
S.Ct. = West’s Supreme Court Reporter
So.2d = West’s Southern Reporter
S.E.2d = West’s Southeastern Reporter
S.W.2d = West’s Southwestern Reporter
Title VII = Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1966, 1972

ULP = Unfair Labor Practice charge (brought by labor or management)
U.S. = United States Reports (Supreme Court of the U.S.)
U.S.C.C.& A.N. = West’s U.S. Code, Congressional & Administrative News

Versus Law = an online national reporting service,
WARN = [U.S.] Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification Act
West; Westlaw = West Publishing,
W.C.A.B. = [state] Workers Compensation Appeals Board
WH Cases2d = BNA’s Wage and Hour Cases


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