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• “Criminal Justice Compliance Officer: A new title and duties for self-governance responsibilities within law enforcement and corrections agencies.” Law Enforcement Executive Forum (May, 2004). [PDF]


• “Staff Inspection: A Strong Administrative Tool,” by John Fuller, The Police Chief (Dec. 2004).


• “Staying Alive: Creating an effective compliance and ethics program to prevent and detect employee misconduct,” by Melinda Burrows, 2005 American Bar Assn. annual conference presentation. [PDF]




• Special Litigation Section, Civil Rights Div., U.S. Dept. of Justice. Covers “pattern and practice” litigation filed against law enforcement and correctional agencies – including complaints, briefs, settlements and consent decrees.




• “Report of the conference on police pattern or practice litigation: A 10-year assessment,” by Samuel Walker, Bureau of Justice Assistance grant document (2005). [PDF]




Send news items to AELE via e-mail. We are interested in the creation of new compliance offices, agency written directives for the compliance and auditing function and similar documents.