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1.     State of Policy in Law Enforcement - PowerDMS, in collaboration with the Police Foundation, conducted a survey of law-enforcement agencies nationwide to gauge the current state of policies and training. This survey establishes a baseline for how agencies update their policies, ensure officers see those policies, and conduct training. The results — a benchmark for best practices — are presented in this critical report. View at  http://www.powerdms.com/state-of-policy/

2.      New AELE Monthly Law Journal article:
      Overtime Pay Entitlement for Public Safety Employees Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) – Part 2.View here.

3.       The October 2016 issues of AELE's three periodicals have been uploaded.


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*** Law Enforcement Liability Reporter ***


This issue has cases on assault and battery: flashbangs, dogs, false arrest/imprisonment with and without warrants, firearms related: Second Amendment, 
public protection: 911 systems, and search and seizure of persons and vehicles. View here.  


*** Fire, Police & Corrections Personnel Reporter ***


This issue has cases on First Amendment, Fair Labor Standards Act: donning and doffing uniforms and equipment, pay disputes, political activity/patronage 
employment, race/national origin discrimination, retaliatory personnel actions, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and whistleblower protection. View here. 

*** Jail and Prisoner Law Bulletin ***


This issue has cases on disability discrimination: prisoners, medical care, dental care, the "three strikes" rule of the Prison Litigation Reform Act, prisoner assault
by inmates, prisoner discipline, religion, search of prisoners, and sexual assault. View here.
4. AELE's next seminar is on Discipline and Internal Investigations for public safety agencies: police, corrections and the fire services. 
Join us in Las Vegas on October 24-26.
More info at http://www.aele.org/menu-disc.html

This is a comprehensive 2 and a half day program dealing with all major aspects of discipline. The program covers both substantive and procedural issues as well as rules and regulations. The program includes the latest hot topics such as cell phones, social media, and constitutional issues.

It is followed by our annual seminar on Jail and Prisoner Legal Issues. 
Join us in Las Vegas on January 9-12, 2017. 
More info at http://www.aele.org/menu-jail.html
The rumors of the death of prisoner litigation have been greatly exaggerated! This 4-day program comprehensively covers all aspects of prisoner litigation including 
application of the Prison Litigation Reform Act, grievance procedures, medical care, discipline, use of force, classification, in-custody deaths, failure to protect, 
searches, mail, and conditions of confinement.

5. Selected criminal law and procedure cases are at three other free websites.










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