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AELE seminars provide credit toward the


    • Certified Litigation Specialist (CLS) designation for non-lawyers, or

    • Litigation Professional (LP) recognition for members of the bar


To earn the designation, a person must attend three qualifying seminars in a 50 month period, and satisfy supplemental reading requirements.  The designation is conferred at no additional cost to the applicant.


The AELE Board of Directors created the program:


1. To recognize the achievement of those who have voluntarily augmented their professional backgrounds, by concentrating in litigation-related studies.


2. To encourage individuals to attend companion seminars that deepens their understanding of public agency litigation.


3. To build a partnership of understanding between AELE and those persons who enroll in more than one seminar.


4. To offer reduced tuition to individuals who repeat seminars to maintain their proficiency.


5. To encourage public employers to financially support voluntary certification and recertification efforts.


Click here to view a Roster of those who have earned the designation.


Click here to see the application for CLS designation.


For further information, read the CLS/LP Frequently Asked Questions page.





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