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Stephen F. Curran, Ph.D.

Atlantic OccuPsych

29 W. Susquehanna Avenue, Suite 704

Towson, MD 21204

Tel.: (410)823-0555, (800)962-5763

Fax: (410)823-2677


Internet Website:


{1} Relevant prior and parttime employment, with dates:

1986 Present, President and Psychologist, Greenside Psychological Associates, Inc. and division, Atlantic OccuPsych. Pre-employment, Fitness, Workability and other occupational health assessment programs to public safety organizations.


{2} Degrees and relevant special training:

Ph.D. University of Maryland 1977. M.A. Loyola College - 1975


{3} Other professional activities, etc.

Professional Associations

American Psychological Association

APA Division Member: Police and Public Safety (#18),

Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse (#28),

American Psychology-Law Society (#41)

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Police Psychological Services Section

Society of Police and Criminal Psychology

American Correctional Association (ACA)

Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy (AABT)


Appointments/ Elected Professional Positions

Medical Staff-Allied Health Professional, North Arundel Hospital (1994-Present).

Ad-Hoc Committee Member/ Task Force on the Use of Polygraph Examination for Victims of Sexual Crimes. Maryland State Board of Victim Services (1993-1994).

Psychological Services Section, International Association of Chiefs of Police, (Secretary 1989-1992; Vice-chairperson 1992-1994, Chairperson 1994-1996).

Maryland Disaster Response Coordinator, American Psychological Association (1994-2002).


{4} Retainer information:


Appx. number of times retained by claimant's counsel: <3

Appx. number of times retained by defense counsel: >10 Police Employment Cases


{5} Names, addresses and telephone numbers of attorney(s) who may be contacted as references:

Maureen C. Adkins

Plunkett & Cooney

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

(248) 594-6243


{6} Publications that contain your paid advertisements (since 1996):



{7} Usual and customary fee:

$250.00 per hour


{8} Areas of Expertise and Experience


[T ] Competency, Insanity and Diminished Capacity

[Q ] Correctional Psychiatry

[Q ] Failure to protect specific persons (domestic violence, witnesses, etc.)

[Q ] In-custody inmate/prisoner suicides (and prevention methods)

[Q] Poor or inadequate conditions in jails and correctional facilities

[R ] Psychiatric Disability

[T ] Psychological screening of employees

[Q] Retention of a known unfit employee or negligent entrustment of a weapon

[R ] Sexual harassment


{9} Types of cases you will not accept.

Sex Offender, Custody cases


{10} Other information relevant in evaluating your services (publications, awards, achievements, special interests).


Recent Papers


Curran, S.F. (2000). Assessing Predictions of Domestic Violence: The Preemployment Psychological Evaluation. In D.C. Sheehan (Ed.), Domestic Violence by Police Officers. (pp. 141-148) Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Curran, S.F. (2002). Barriers to Effective Mental Health Interventions that Reduce Suicide by Police Officers. In D.C. Sheehan and J.I. Warren (Eds), Suicide and Law Enforcement, (pp. 205-209) Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Curran, S.F. (2002, Oct. 7). Preemployment Medical and Psychological Evaluations. International Association of Chiefs of Police 109th Annual Convention. Minneapolis, MN.


Curran, S.F. (January/February 2003). Separating Fact from Fiction About Police Stress. Behavioral Health Management. pages 38-40.


Curran, S.F. and LaFon, D. (2003, July 10). Employment Selection and Psychological Testing Issues as Understood by Mock Jurors. Poster session presented at the Psychology & Law Interdisciplinary Conference 2003, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Curran, S.F. (2004, January 31). Fitness for Duty Evaluations of Public Safety Personnel. Workshop presentation at Pearson Assessments Public Safety Workshop, Los Angeles, California


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