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Note 1.


AELE’s founders included:


Fred E. Inbau, Wigmore Professor of Law, Northwestern University, Chicago (and former Director, Chicago Police Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory); principal coauthor of textbooks on criminal procedure and evidence adopted in law schools and college courses.


Arthur F. Brandstatter, then Dean, School of Police Administration, Michigan State University, Lansing (and former commanding general, U.S. Military Police, Korea); Brandstatter later served as the first Director of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA.


• Richard B. Ogilvie, then Sheriff of Cook County, and later Governor of Illinois. After leaving public service he served as the CEO of the Milwaukee Railroad.


Orlando W. Wilson, the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Dept. (and former professor, School of Criminology, University of California, Berkeley); author of books on police administration and planning.


James R. Thompson, Associate Professor of Law, Northwestern University, Chicago (and former Asst. State's Attorney, Cook County, Chicago). Coauthor of textbooks on criminal law and procedure. Thompson later served as U.S. Attorney and four terms as Governor of Illinois. Thompson, who is the only founder still living, recently served as a Member of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9-11 Commission).


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