Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Credits

Nevada Workshops

AELE seminars held in Nevada are pre-approved by the Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education.

California Workshops

AELE is approved as a California Bar CLE provider.

Other states

More than 40 other states have a system that allow an attendant to seek approved MCLE credits for recently-attended seminars. (For general MCLE information, visit the Center for Continuing Legal Education website of the American Bar Association.)

AELE will not file the forms or pay the fee for pre or post approval in states other than those where we sponsor a program. It is the responsibility of each lawyer who attends an AELE seminar to obtain the current MCLE forms from his or her state, to complete and submit the form and attachments, and to pay any fee charged by the approving state.

Generally a state MCLE will require an attendant to submit some or all of the following documentation. Some of these, although not required, may expedite approval or result in a higher number of approved credit hours:

1. A completed MCLE seminar registration form, listing the name of the program, the dates, the location, and other pertinent identifying information, and

2. A detailed agenda listing the times and duration of instruction (which is found in the front section of the AELE course book), and

3. A list of, and biographical information about the presenters (which is found in the front section of the AELE course book), and

4. A summary of written materials provided (there is a table of contents in the front of the AELE course book, and a detailed description of the materials found on the provided CD-ROM) and

5. A certificate of attendance, that lists the number of minutes of instruction (which is in the tote bag; on request, replacement certificates will be sent by e-mail) and

6. A photocopy of the seminar's pre-approval document (e.g., Nevada and/or California) ).

Each attendant must compile the attachments and complete the form.

AELE staff members are not able to do this for you.



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