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U.S. District Court

Northern District of Illinois (Chicago)


CASE #: 01-CV-6528

Jackson v. Lake, Co of


Filed: 08/22/01

Assigned to: Hon. Joan Humphrey Lefkow

Jury demand: Plaintiff

Referred to: Hon. Martin C. Ashman

Demand: $0,000 Nature of Suit: 442 Jurisdiction: Federal Question

Cause: 42:12101 et seq. Americans with Disabilities Act


DON A JACKSON                     Robin B. Potter

     plaintiff                    Robin Potter & Associates, P.C.

                                  30 North LaSalle Street Suite 1724

                                  Chicago, IL 60602

                                  (312) 759-2500


                                  Timothy John Coffey

                                  577 Pennsylvania Avenue

                                  Suite 204

                                  Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

                                  (630) 534-6300



COUNTY OF LAKE, an Illinois       Michael J Waller

municipal corporation             Gunnar Borgthor Gunnarsson

     defendant                    Shannon Louise Castellano

                                  Jennifer Ehrmantraut

                                  Lake County State's Attorney's Office

                                  18 North County Street

                                  Waukegan, IL 60085








8/22/01  1       COMPLAINT (Attachment); jury demand -  Civil cover sheet -

                 Appearance(s) of Timothy John Coffey as attorney(s) for

                 plaintiff  (No summons(es) issued.) (Documents: 1-1 through

                 1-3) (hp) [Entry date 08/23/01]


12/9/02  28      MOTION by plaintiff for partial summary judgment;

                 Memorandum in support; Rule 56.1 Statement of material

                 facts; Notice. (gy) [Entry date 12/19/02]


12/9/02  31      MOTION by defendant for summary judgment; Notice (rm)

                 [Entry date 12/20/02]


10/21/03 74      MINUTE ORDER of 10/21/03 by Hon. Martin C. Ashman :

                 Settlement conference held-unsuccessful. All matters

                 relating to the referral of this action having been

                 resolved, the case is returned to the assigned judge.

                 Terminating the case referral to Hon. Martin C. Ashman.

                 No notice (gy) [Entry date 10/22/03]


10/21/03 80      MOTION by plaintiff in limine to bar defendant's

                 presentiation of evidence related to plaintiff's alleged

                 vehicle accidents prior to the 07/30/98 accident, and

                 plaintiff's 1999 and 2000 attendance records (Attachments);

                 (gy) [Entry date 10/27/03]


10/21/03 81      MOTION by plaintiff in limine to bar and/or limit

                 defendant's presentation of evidence related to plaintiff's

                 07/30/98 vehicle accident (Attachments). (gy)

                 [Entry date 10/27/03]


10/21/03 85      MOTION by plaintiff in limine to bar and/or limit evidence

                 of or argument related to plaintiff's refusal to attend the

                 second amended and third scheduled psychiatric exams and

                 refusal to attend the defendant's pre-termination hearing.

                 (Attachments); (gy) [Entry date 10/27/03]


10/23/03 83      MINUTE ORDER of 10/23/03 by Hon. Joan Humphrey Lefkow :

                 Pretrial conference held and concluded. Motions of in

                 limine granted and denied as stated on the record. Entered

                 Final Pretrial Order. Trial date of 11/03/03 is reset to

                 10/28/03 at 10:00 a.m. No notice (gy) [Entry date 10/27/03]


10/28/03 86      MINUTE ORDER of 10/28/03 by Hon. Joan Humphrey Lefkow :

                 Jury trial begins. Trial held and continued to 10/29/03 at

                 9:45 a.m. No notice (gy) [Entry date 10/29/03]


10/29/03 87      MINUTE ORDER of 10/29/03 by Hon. Joan Humphrey Lefkow :

                 Trial held and continued to 11/03/03 at 10:00 a.m. No

                 notice (gy) [Entry date 11/04/03]


11/3/03  89      MINUTE ORDER of 11/3/03 by Hon. Joan Humphrey Lefkow :

                 Trial held and continued to 11/04/03 at 10:00 a.m. No

                 notice (gy) [Entry date 11/04/03]


11/6/03  94      MINUTE ORDER of 11/6/03 by Hon. Joan Humphrey Lefkow :

                 Juror Thomas D. Podner excused. Trial will proceed with six

                 jurors. Trial held. Defendant's motion for judgment as a

                 matter of law pursuant to Rule 50 is denied [93-1]. Jury

                 deliberations begin. No notice (gy) [Entry date 11/10/03]


11/6/03  95      JURY INSTRUCTIONS submitted. (gy) [Entry date 11/12/03]


11/7/03  96      JURY NOTES. (gy) [Entry date 11/12/03]


11/7/03  97      VERDICT. (gy) [Entry date 11/12/03]


11/7/03  98      MINUTE ORDER of 11/7/03 by Hon. Joan Humphrey Lefkow:

                 Jury Trial ends. Jury returns its verdicts in favor of

                 plaintiff as to: plaintiff's claim that defendant's order

                 that he submit to the psychiatric exam violated the ADA;

                 plaintiff's claims that defendant suspended and terminated

                 him in retaliation for his protected activities; and,

                 plaintiff's claim that defendant coerced, intimidated,

                 threrated or interfered in the exercise or enjoyment of, or

                 on account of his having exercised or enjoyed any right

                 granted or protected by ADA. Jury returns its verdict in

                 favor of defendant as to; plaintiff's claims that defendant

                 suspended and terminated him based on a mistaken belief

                 that he was disabled in violation of the ADA. Jury awards

                 plaintiff $325,000 in compensatory damages. Judgment is

                 entered on the verdict. terminating case. Mailed notice (gy)

                 [Entry date 11/12/03]


11/7/03  99      ENTERED JUDGMENT (gy) [Entry date 11/12/03]


12/4/03  100     REFERRAL ORDER:  Case referred  to Hon. Martin C. Ashman

                 for settlement conference Mailed notice. (md)

                 [Entry date 12/04/03]


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