Metropolitan Police Department

City St. Louis, Mo.


Special Order 91-S-3 (1991)

Reference: Police Manual Rule 10


Non-Uniformed civilian females: No shorts, sun dresses, stretch pants, or midriff blouses; no jeans pants or skirts; no tank, tube or halter tops, tee or sweat shirts; no tennis or house shoes or sandals. Nylons or panty hose are required. Not more than two earrings per ear, only one of which may dangle. No nose rings or nose studs.


Non-uniformed civilian males: No jeans of any color, no sweat suits, sweat or tee shirts; hats or shirts with "inappropriate" printing; no tennis shoes. Socks are required and supervisors must wear a tie. No earrings, nose rings or studs. No radical hair styles or coloring.


Non-uniformed commissioned personnel (except undercover officers): Business suits or sports jacket for men are required, and business- like suits or dresses for women; no slacks or skirts without a jacket. No sun or house dresses; no jean pants or skirts. Nylons or panty hose required for women, socks for men. Skirts not higher than 2 in. above the knee or a "reasonable length" below the knee. One ring per hand; no dangling jewelry, women may wear one stud on each ear. No nose rings or studs. No tennis shoes or sandals; women's shoe heels may not exceed 2 in. No beads interwoven in braids; no radical hair coloring or styles.


Uniformed commissioned personnel: Tee shirts must be white if worn; hair may touch but not extend over the collar; sideburns shall not extend below the earlobe and cannot flare out. Hair "lining" or "sculpting" [sic], handlebar mustaches, beards, goatees, mutton chops and radical styles and coloring are prohibited. Only one ring on each hand (a wedding pair is one ring). No dangling jewelry; women officers may wear a pair of stud earrings. Visible necklaces not permitted.