U.S. District Court

District of Minnesota




Adamson, et al v. Mpls Public Library


Filed: 03/24/03

Assigned to: Judge Joan N Ericksen

Jury demand: Both

Referred to: Chief Mag. Judge Jonathan G Lebedoff

Demand: $0,000

Nature of Suit: 442

Lead Docket: None

Jurisdiction: Federal Question

Dkt# in other court: None

Cause: 42:2000 Job Discrimination (Sex)


WENDY W ADAMSON                   Robert Stephen Halagan

ANITA C BEALER                    Halagan Law Office

NANCY CORCORAN                    [Counsel for plaintiffs]          

MARY KAY HARRIS                   15 2nd Ave NW Ste 101

VERN HARMAN                       Buffalo, MN 55313

PATRICIA HUDNELL                  763-682-8975

JESSICA K NELSON                  FAX 7636826793

GLORIA OLSON                      

VIRGINIA PEAR                     

JULIA A SEDLAK                    

CYNTHIA L SMITH                   

KAREN E WILL                      






     defendant                    Bradley J Lindeman

                                  Meagher & Geer

                                  4200 Multifoods Twr

                                  33 S 6th St

                                  Mpls, MN 55402

                                  (612) 338-0661

                                  FAX 6123388384






3/24/03  1       COMPLAINT - Summons issued. Assigned to Judge Joan N.

                 Ericksen per Individual Civil Rights list and referred to

                 Chief Mag. Judge Jonathan G. Lebedoff rpt no 264897 29pg(s)

                 (dl) [Entry date 03/25/03]


4/1/03   2       ORIGINAL SUMMONS AND RETURN OF SERVICE executed upon

                 defendant Mpls Public Library on 3/24/03 2pg(s) (dl)

                 [Entry date 04/04/03]


4/14/03  3       ANSWER by defendant; jury demand. 15pg(s) (rl)

                 [Entry date 04/16/03]


4/17/03  4       NOTICE of INITIAL  pretrial conference set for 9:00am on

                 5/19/03. 1pg(s) (rl) [Entry date 04/23/03]


5/13/03  5       REPORT OF RULE 26(f) MEETING. 7pg(s) (dl)

                 [Entry date 05/19/03]


5/19/03  6       NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT CONFERENCE ( Chief Mag. Judge Jonathan

                 G. Lebedoff / 5/19/03)  settlement conference set for 9:00

                 a.m. on 7/14/03. 1pg(s) (cc: all counsel) (dl)

                 [Entry date 05/23/03]


5/19/03  7       MINUTES: (Chief Mag. Judge Jonathan G. Lebedoff )  re:

                 PRETRIAL CONFERENCE.  1pg(s) (dl) [Entry date 05/23/03]


5/19/03  8       PRETRIAL ORDER (Chief Mag. Judge Jonathan G. Lebedoff

                 5/19/03) amendments and adding parties set for 9/1/03 ;

                 discovery set for 8/1/04 ; non-dispositive motions set for

                 8/15/04 ; dispositive motions set for 10/1/04 ; ready for

                 trial set for 12/1/04. 1pg(s) (cc: counsel) (dl)

                 [Entry date 05/23/03]


5/22/03  9       AMENDED ANSWER [1-1] by defendant Mpls Public Library; jury

                 demand. 15 pg(s) (jmm) [Entry date 05/27/03]


6/2/03   10      LETTER dated 6/2/03 from Bradley J. Lindeman rescheduling

                 settlement conference to 9:00 a.m. on 8/7/03. 1pg(s) (dl)

                 [Entry date 06/05/03]


8/7/03   11      MINUTES OF SETTLEMENT CONFERENCE:  (Chief Mag. Judge

                 Jonathan G. Lebedoff) case settled.   1pg(s) (dl)

                 [Entry date 08/12/03]


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