U.S. District Court
Northern District of Illinois (Chicago)

Roberts v. Cook, Co of, et al

Filed: 12/07/01
Assigned to: Hon. Matthew F. Kennelly
Jury demand: Plaintiff
Demand: $0,000
Nature of Suit: 442
Lead Docket: None
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Dkt# in other court: None
Cause: 42:1983 Civil Rights (Employment Discrimination)

Sharla Roberts            Keith L. Hunt
     plaintiff                  Dana Elizabeth MacDonald
                                  Lara A. Anderson
                                  Michael H Berendt
                                  Hunt & Associates, P.C.
                                  Three First National Plaza
                                  Suite 2100
                                  Chicago, IL 60602
                                  (312) 558-1300
County of Cook        Mary P. Tobin
     defendant              John Justin Murphy
                                  Donald R. Hallsten, Jr.
                                  Cook County State's Attorney
                                  500 Richard J. Daley Center
                                  Chicago, IL 60602
                                  (312) 603-6461
12/7/01  1       COMPLAINT (Attachments); jury demand -  Civil cover sheet -

6/27/02  19      MINUTE ORDER of 6/27/02 by Hon. Elaine E. Bucklo : Ruling
                 on the pending motion to dismiss [12-1] of defendant set
                 for 6/28/02 is Vacated. Ruling will be by mail. Mailed
                 notice (hb) [Entry date 06/28/02]
8/2/02   20      MINUTE ORDER of 8/2/02 by Hon. Elaine E. Bucklo : For the
                 reasons stated in the attached memorandum opinion and
                 order, defendants' motion to dismiss certain counts of
                 plaintiff's complaint is granted in part and denied in part
                 [12-1]. Entered Memorandum Opinion and Order. Mailed
                 notice by judge's staff (lxs) [Entry date 08/05/02]
9/25/02  24      ANSWER by defendant Timothy Flick in his individual
                 capacity to plaintiff's complaint [1-1] (lxs)
                 [Entry date 09/26/02]

9/25/02  26      ANSWER by defendant Cook, Co of to plaintiff's complaint
                 [1-1] (lxs) [Entry date 09/26/02]
11/1/02  27      MOTION by defendant Timothy Flick for extension of time
                 within which to verify certain defendants' answers to
                 plaintiff's first set of interrogatories ; Notice. (lxs)

 Pretrial conference set for 11/19/03 is reset for 12/05/03 at
                 4:30p.m. Trial set for January to stand. Mailed notice 

11/14/03 49      MOTION by plaintiff in limine to bar evidence of prior
                 claim of sexual harrassment. (lxs) 

11/14/03 51      PRE-TRIAL ORDER submission by plaintiff (Attachments). (lxs)
                 [Entry date 11/18/03]
                 Notice. (lxs) [Entry date 11/19/03]

11/21/03 53      REPLY by defendants to plaintiff's motion in limine to
                 exclude evidence of the plaintiff's job performance [48-1];
1/20/04  --      SCHEDULE set on 1/20/04 by Hon. Matthew F. Kennelly :
                 Trial ends-Jury   Deliberation begins.  No notice (or)
                 [Entry date 01/20/04]
1/21/04  71      JURY INSTRUCTIONS submitted (lxs) [Entry date 01/23/04]

1/21/04  72      MEMORANDUM of Law by defendants in support of their motion
                 for directed verdict on plaintiff's claims (Attachment).
                 (lxs) [Entry date 01/23/04]
1/21/04  73      VERDICT for plaintiff Sharla Roberts against defendants
                 Cook, Co of, Timothy Flick. (lxs) [Entry date 01/26/04]

1/21/04  74      JURY INSTRUCTIONS submitted (lxs) [Entry date 01/26/04]
1/21/04  75      MINUTE ORDER of 1/21/04 by Hon. Matthew F. Kennelly :
                 Verdict is reached in favor of plaintiff, Sharla Roberts,
                 as to Claims 1, 3, 4, and 5. Compensatory damages are
                 awarded in the amount of $100,000.00. Punitive damages
                 against Timothy Flick, as to Claim 4 only, in the amount of
                 400,000.00 are awarded, terminating case. Mailed notice (lxs)
                 [Entry date 01/26/04]