Ohio State Employment Relations Board


In the Matter of

Fraternal Order of Police

Butler County Lodge 101,

Charging Party,


Butler County Sheriff,

Charged Party


23 OPER 30

2006 OPER (LRP) Lexis 31

February 2, 2006


Dismissal of Unfair Labor Charge


The Fraternal Order of Police, Butler County Lodge 101 (Charging Party) filed an unfair labor practice charge against the Butler County Sheriff (Charged Party). The charge alleged the Charged Party violated Ohio Revised Code 4117.11(A)(1) and (5) by unilaterally implementing a fitness evaluation as part of the promotional process for Deputy Sheriff.


Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 4117.12, the Board has conducted an investigation of this charge. The investigation reveals no probable cause exists to believe the Charged Party has violated Ohio Revised Code 4117.11. Information gathered during the investigation reveals the fitness evaluation is voluntary and is not a requirement for promotion. Accordingly, the charge is dismissed with prejudice.


It is so directed.


GILLMOR, Vice Chairman, and VERICH, Board Member, concur.