Minneapolis, Minnesota

Police Department


Policy & Procedure Manual


1-307 Trademark (12/21/01)


The MPD owns the trademarks for the department badge, shield, uniform patch and the name Minneapolis Police Department.


MPD employees are authorized usage of the department name, badge, shield and uniform patch for official MPD business. Personal usage including, but not limited to, letters, memoranda, electronic communications such as web sites and web pages of the trademarked badge/shield, uniform patch or department name is prohibited.


The Police Federation is authorized to use the trademark for merchandise and official business of the Police Federation. The Police Federation is authorized limited usage of the trademark for endorsement of political candidates subject to the provisions of the section “Political/Media Appearances in MPD Uniform.” (09/19/08)


The Chief of Police must give approval for use of the badge, shield, uniform patch and department name for all material (printed matter, products or other items) developed for department use. For permission for other uses and outside requests, see section on Trademark - Permission.