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You are notified that:

1. The editors have selected cases in a subjective and arbitrary manner. Generally, we have not included cases from the private sector. These cases may be relevant to your inquiry and determinative of the conclusion. Most cases that we have chosen pertain to public safety agencies and employees. Cases involving schools/schoolteachers and other public agencies/employees may also be relevant or determinative.

The editors probably have missed a number of important decisions. The omitted cases could affect the outcome of any decisions you make or litigation you are a party to.

2. Some cases have been superseded by later decisions that do not appear in our summaries.

Also, because more cases are decided than can be reported, AELE editors must be selective. Generally, we will reject those decisions which:

      • Are resolved solely on the basis of witness credibility, or
      • Involve familiar principles and situations, or
      • The outcome was determined by an unusual statute or procedure, or
      • The situation was unique, has no general application, and otherwise lacks reader interest.

3. To provide our readers with information in a prompt manner, many case summaries have been written from non-final opinions. A court might have later modify the language or decide not to certify the decision for publication. We make no attempt to systematically check on the continued validity of a case or revised text.

4. The law differs between states, and sometimes between appellate districts in the same state. The summaries are provided as a “starting point” in your research.

      Never rely on an article or case summary without seeking the assistance of qualified counsel in your jurisdiction.

5. Our articles and case summaries are not law, nor should they be considered “legal advice.” They are not a substitute for consultation with the appropriate legal officers for you, your office or agency. Lawyers often disagree as to the meaning of a case or its application to a set of facts. In no way do we warrant the accuracy or completeness of our information, or its fitness for a particular purpose.

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8. The names of the parties to a legal action or arbitration proceeding, and the identities of persons mentioned in those actions and proceedings, usually will appear in our summaries. Our purpose is not to embarrass anyone or to bring attention to the acts or omissions of those individuals; names are used to assist users in finding and citing the actual decision or award and/or to assist readers in understanding the dispute.

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