The AELE LawMedia™ Series

Free rollcall training segments

on a CD-ROM

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• Five professionally narrated legal training segments - written for field law enforcement officers, and presented on PowerPoint slides.

• Officer Safety at Traffic Stops

• Shooting Mistakes and Civil Liability

• Miranda for Patrol Officers

• Reinterrogation and Trickery

• Strip Searches by Police

• Each segment is ten minutes, which is highly suitable for roll-call training.

• Written by law enforcement training specialists with actual field experience as police attorneys.

• For the benefit of training officers, the CD-ROM also contains a text version of the script, along with case citations, other references, discussion questions and suggested answers.

• A full text-version of significant court cases is included and can be printed or downloaded to a computer.

• Produced by the AELE Law Enforcement Legal Center, which has sponsored national seminars and publications since 1973.

• Requires a PC, a monitor (or LCD projector + screen) and a speaker. PowerPoint viewer software is included.

Windows and PowerPoint are Registered Trademarks of Microsoft.

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The AELE LawMedia™ Series



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