2008 Conference materials and resources


IACP Legal Officers Section

IACP Police Psychological Services Section



IACP Legal Officers Section


Outlines, articles and other documents (PDF):


Civil Liability Update, by Elliot B. Spector, Connecticut

Employment Law Update, by Jody M. Litchford, Florida

Federal Civil Rights Act, Jack Collins, Massachusetts

Managing Personnel Through Corrective Discipline, by Martin J. Mayer, California Added, May 2009



Visual Presentations (PDF):


Labor Relations, Jack Collins, Massachusetts

Pregnancy & Policing: Are They Compatible? K. Kruger, F. Czarnecki & G. McLhinney, Maryland



IACP Police Psychological Services Section

Outlines: (PDF)


2008 Legal Update for Police Psychologists by Wayne Schmidt, AELE, Illinois 

Recent Decisions Regarding Police Psychological Evaluations, by Martin J. Mayer, California 

Questions & Answers from the Session on Medical and Psychological Evaluations and the ADA

by Sharon Rennert, EEOC and Shelley Spilberg, Ph.D., California Added, May 2009



Section Guidelines (PDF):


Fitness for Duty Evaluation Guidelines    

Officer-Involved Shooting Guidelines    

Peer Support Guidelines       

Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation Guidelines   

Guidelines for Consulting Police Psychologists


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