122nd IACP Annual Conference Materials and 2015 Legal Articles & Documents

IACP Legal Officers Section (LOS)

The International Association of Police Attorneys

Chicago – Oct. 24 - 27, 2015



2015 Conference Annual Presentations


* Conference Articles, Outlines and Documents

      Legal Officers Section Agenda

      Employment Law Update, by Jody Litchford

      Police Chief Employment Contract, by John Collins

      Recent Court Decisions Affecting Police Psychologists, by Marty Mayer

      Chief’s Separation Agreement, by John Collins


* Conference Visual Presentations

      Body Worn Cameras – Legal Issues, by Eric Daigle

Body Worn Cameras – Policy and Issues to Consider, by Lisa Judge

      Employee First Amendment – A Case Study, by Karen Kruger

      Employment Contracts & Separation Agreements for Chiefs, by John Collins

      Force Investigation, by Eric Daigle

Law and Liberty – the Bill of Rights, by Craig Ferrell Jr.

Responding to Persons with Mental Illness or in Crisis, by Lisa Judge

      Supreme Court Update, by Chief David Spotts

        The New Age of Dept. of Labor FMLA Audits, by Jenna Bedsole



Other 2015 Legal Documents
* 2015 AELE Articles and Documents


  AELE Monthly Law Journal  (online, PDF format)

  A variety of scholarly articles on police liability, discipline, labor & employment law and corrections legal issues


  AELE ECW Case Summaries (updated regularly

           AELE ECW Articles and Resources (updated periodically

     AELE Body-Worn Cameras webpage (updated periodically


* Selected Legal Articles and Reports Published in 2015

        Mobile Device Search and Seizure in a Post-Riley World, Forensic Magazine  (Jan. 2015)

* FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin – Law related articles
      Memory Puzzle: What Every Investigator Should Know (Jan. 2015)

Emergency Medical Response in Active-Threat Situations: Training Standards for Law Enforcement (Mar. 2015)

Hard Truths: Law Enforcement and Race (Mar. 2015)

Nonconfrontational Interrogation: Obtaining Confessions from Streetwise Gang Members (Apr. 2015)

Law Enforcement and Transgender Communities (Jun. 2015)

The Importance of Mental Health Training in Law Enforcement (Jul. 2015)

Conducting 24/7 Electronic Stakeouts to Address Property Crimes (Oct. 2015)


* FLETC Legal Division

      The Informer (Monthly summaries of appellate court cases)


* Congressional Research Service (to be added)


* IACP – Law related articles and documents in Police Chief or on the IACP website  

           Back issues of the monthly column "Chief's Counsel" - since Sep. 2003.

          The Fernandez Decision Clarifies Consent Searches (Jan. 2015)

Considering the Remote Use of Force via Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Feb. 2015)

Talking Themselves into Jail: First Amendment Rights and Retaliation Violations (Feb. 2015)

Police Body-Worn Cameras: An Overview (Feb. 2015)

Showing Incident Video to Police Officers Under Investigation (Mar. 2015)

Pursuing Fleeing OUI Suspects into Dwellings (Apr. 2015)

Critical Incident Management: A Systematic Guide to Planning (Apr. 2015)

Safety Concerns of Energy Drinks and Dietary Supplements (Apr. 2015)

Mistakes, Reasonable Mistakes, and Unforgiveable Mistakes: The U.S. Supreme Court’s Ruling in Heien v. North Carolina (May 2015)

The Considerations and Risks of Personal Communication Devices (May 2015)

Efficacy of Police Body Cameras for Evidentiary Purposes: Fact or Fallacy? (May 2015)

Diversity in the Workplace (Jun. 2015)

Eliminating Gender and Racial Stereotypes in Police Culture through Stakeholder Collaboration (Jun. 2015)

Why Private Police May Be an Important Element of Future Law Enforcement (Jul. 2015)

Conducting Dog Sniffs During Routine Traffic Stops (Jul. 2015)

The Houston Police Dept. Eyewitness Identification Experiment (Jul. 2015)

Court Grants Officers Qualified Immunity in Absence of Fair Notice (Aug. 2015)

Probability Model for Mitigating Civil Unrest and Enhancing Effective Police Response (Sep. 2015)

Supreme Court Decision Casts Doubt on Hotel Registry Ordinances (Sep. 2015)

Unconstitutional Policing, Part 1: Redefining the Police Ethics Paradigm (Sep. 2015)

Citizen Advisory Boards in Contemporary Practice (Oct. 2015)

Law and Liberty: The Guaranteed Freedoms in the United States Bill of Rights (Oct. 2015)

Unconstitutional Policing Part 2 - Minimizing Liability Strategies (Oct. 2015)

Heien v. North Carolina: What is a Reasonable Mistake of Law? (Nov. 2015)

Unconstitutional Policing: Part 3 - A Failure to Train is Compensable Liability (Nov. 2015)

Preparing for Changes to FLSA Regulations  (Dec. 2015)

Unconstitutional Policing, Part 4 - Liability of Electronic Control Device Misuse (Dec. 2015)


* KenWallentine.com

 Xiphos – Summaries of recent criminal procedure cases


* PATC Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute 

 Legal Updates (Periodic case analyses)

 Legal Questions Answered (Periodically)


      * Force Science Institute, Ltd.

 Force Science News Archive (Use of force, biometrics, psychology and law)


      * Alameda County District Attorney

 Point of View (Criminal law and procedure for law enforcement officers)



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