123rd IACP Annual Conference Materials and 2016 Legal Articles & Documents

IACP Legal Officers Section (LOS)

The International Association of Police Attorneys

Annual meeting – Oct. 15 - 18, 2016



2016 Conference Annual Presentations (to be added)


* Conference Articles, Outlines and Documents

Recent Court Decisions Affecting Police Psychologists (Mayer)

Employment Law Update (Atstupenas & Litchford)

* Conference Visual Presentations

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Other 2016 Legal Documents
* AELE Articles and Documents


  AELE Monthly Law Journal  (online, PDF format)

  A variety of scholarly articles on police liability, discipline, labor & employment law and corrections legal issues


  AELE ECW Case Summaries (updated regularly

           AELE ECW Articles and Resources (updated periodically

     AELE Body-Worn Cameras webpage (updated periodically


* Selected Legal Articles and Reports Published in 2016

        Accommodating the Violent: Analyzing Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Relevant to Arrests of the Armed, Violent, and Mentally Ill by Ashley Torres (2016)

* FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin – Law related articles
When Does Handcuffing Constitute Custody for Purposes of Miranda? (Feb. 2016)

* FLETC Legal Division

      The Informer (Monthly summaries of appellate court cases)


* IACP – Law related articles and documents in Police Chief or on the IACP website  

          Back issues of the monthly column "Chief's Counsel" - since Sep. 2003.

          Conduct Unbecoming: Lessons from the Military (Jan. 2016)

Body-Worn Cameras: Using the Wealth of Data Effectively (Jan. 2016)

Negligent Supervision and Executive Liability (Feb. 2016)

Is More Training Really the Answer?  (Mar. 2016)

Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Attempts to Limit Use of Electronic Control Devices (Apr. 2016)

Graham v. Connor–Is Objective Reasonableness Good Enough? (May 2016)

Armstrong v. Village of Pinehurst: Training and Policy Implications for Police  (Jun. 2016)

9th Circuit Court of Appeals Provides Guidance on Knock-and-Announce Rule (Jul. 2016)

The Second Amendment and Electronic Control Devices (Aug. 2016)


* KenWallentine.com

 Xiphos – Summaries of recent criminal procedure cases


* PATC Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute 

 Legal Updates (Periodic case analyses)

 Legal Questions Answered (Periodically)


      * Force Science Institute, Ltd.

 Force Science News Archive (Use of force, biometrics, psychology and law)


      * Alameda County District Attorney

 Point of View (Criminal law and procedure for law enforcement officers)



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