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Older cases may have been superseded by later decisions.

These materials are not updated.

2014 articles and conference materials, Orlando, FL.

2013 articles and conference materials, Philadelphia, PA.

2012 articles and conference materials, San Diego, CA.

2011 articles and conference materials, Chicago, IL.

2010 articles and conference materials, Orlando, FL.

2009 conference papers, Denver, CO.

2008 conference papers, San Diego, CA.

2007 conference papers, New Orleans, LA.

2006 conference papers, Boston, MA.

2005 conference papers, Miami Beach, F

2004 conference papers, Los Angeles, CA.

2003 conference papers, Philadelphia, PA.

2002 conference papers, Minneapolis, MN.

2001 conference papers, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2000 conference papers, San Diego, CA.

1999 conference papers, Charlotte, NC.

1998 conference paper, Salt Lake City, UT.


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