Litigation Professional Application Form


Note: This form is for members of the bar. Non lawyers who want to earn the Certified Litigation Specialist designation should click here for the CLS application form.


1. View (and print) the list of qualifying seminars.


2. Check the category /ies of certification sought:

[  ] Police Litigation    [  ] Corrections Litigation    [  ] Campus Law Enforcement Litigation


3. List the three (or more) qualifying seminars you have attended by letter-code and two-digit number:


    [D-_____]   [F-_____]   [J-_____]   [L-_____]  [M-_____]  [U-____] Other: _________________________________

    If you have repeated a seminar, list only the most recent one attended.


4.Are you familiar with the contents of the additional resource materials for the certification sought? 

(Both documents are on the CD ROM provided at the Discipline and Internal Investigations Workshop. If, however, you lack either document a CD-ROM will be mailed you.)


   • New Challenges for Law Enforcement Professional Standards Officers  [  ] Yes 

   • Principles for Promoting Police Integrity, U.S. Dept. of Justice  [  ] Yes  


5. Complete the registration information and fax this application to AELE, toll-free at 1-800-763-3221.  Note: only your name will appear on the Certificate. Your title, address and other information is only for our records and addressing purposes.


Name ________________________________________________________________


Title: ___________________________________________________


Agency ______________________________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________________


City _______________________________________ State ______ Zip ____________


Tel: (_______) _________________________ 


Fax: (_______) _________________________


E-mail: ___________________________@ __________________________________


Fax to AELE at 1-800-763-3221


Note: If AELE needs to contact you, a Federal Communications Commission regulation requires vendors of products or

services to obtain a signed authorization before transmitting a fax or calling a phone number that has been listed in the FCC’s

“Do Not Call” registry.


[X] I hereby authorize AELE to contact me on this request or transaction by (a) sending me a fax at the above number, and/or

(b) by sending me an e-mail, and/or (c) by telephoning me at the above number.


Signature (Required): ____________________________________