Harry C. McCann, Jr.

Bucks County Director of Law Enforcement Training

1911 Carriage Way, Warrington, PA  18976

Telephone:  (215) 460-0398

 FAX:  (267) 927-0484

E-mail:  hcmccann@co.bucks.pa.us

Internet Website:  www.hmccannconsulting.com


{1} Relevant Prior and Part-time employment, with dates:

§  2004 – Present  ~  Director of Law Enforcement Training,  County of Bucks, PA

§  1995 - Present  ~  Bucks County DUI Project Manager/ Grant Coordinator

§  1989 – 2004  ~  Director of Police Training,  County of Bucks, PA

§  1992- Present  ~  Adjunct Faculty at Bucks County Community College

§   1993 - Present  ~  Instructor/ Coordinator, Act 120 Municipal Police Officers Basic Training Program,

                                 Temple University, Ambler Campus

§  1992 – 1997  ~    Adjunct Faculty at Del Val College

§  1987 - 1989  ~  Training Coordinator,  MAGLOCLEN

§  1980 - 1987  ~  Staff Development Specialist,  PA State Probation & Parole

§  1978 - 1980   ~  Parole Agent II, PA Board of Probation & Parole, Philadelphia, PA

{2} Degrees and relevant special training:

§  1985 - Pennsylvania State University - MPA - Master of Public Administration

§  1975 – LaSalle College – BA – Criminal Justice

{3} Other professional Activities, etc.:

§  Bucks County Highway Safety Project Manager

§  Financial Secretary for the Bucks County Police Association

§  Secretary/ Treasurer and founding member of the Bucks County Heroes Scholarship Fund

§  Bucks County Emergency Response Team Administrative Board

§  Chairperson, Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, Public Safety Advisory Board

§  Chairperson, Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, Local Advisory Council

§  Member, Upper Bucks Institute of Technology, Public Safety Advisory Board

§  Member, Bucks County Highway Safety Advisory Board

§  Member, Bucks County Emergency Response Team Administrative Board

§  Member, Bucks County Police Memorial Committee

§  Associate Member, Bucks County Police Chiefs Association

§  Member, International Association of Chiefs of Police

§  Member, FOP Lodge #53


{4} Retainer Information:             # of times retained by claimant’s counsel = 3

                                                                # of times retained by defense counsel = 1

{5} Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Attorneys who may be contacted as references:


Guy R. Sciolla   

1910 Land Title Bldg

100 S. Broad St.

 Philadelphia, PA  19110

 (215) 972-1544  


Tremba & Jelley, LLC  

302 West Otterman St.

 Greensburg, PA  15601 

(724) 838-7600 


Jaffe & Hough 

Two Penn Center Plaza, Suite 1907

1500 JFK Blvd., Philadelphia, PA  19102 

(215) 564-5200 


Leonard, Sciolla, Hutchison, Leonard and Tinari 

1515 Market St, 18th FL

Philadelphia, PA  19102 

(215) 567-1530 


{6} Publications that contain your paid advertisements:


{7} Usual and Customary Fee:

$175/hr for review of material and report

$100/hr for travel

$1,500/day for depositions

$2,000/day for trial testimony

$1,000/day for monitoring testimony

All plus expenses


{8} Areas of Expertise and Experience:

Note - Letter codes used in front of the subject mean:
[R] Retained as a consultant, but have not testified on the subject.
[Q] Qualified to testify or consult on the subject, but have not served as a paid consultant.

[R] Administrative Negligence

[R] Agency policies, practices and customs

[Q] Batons, flashlights and other impact weapons

[Q] Chemical irritants & electrical weapons

[Q] Correctional Psychiatry

[Q] Deadly Force; shooting avoidance and alternatives

[Q] Employment discriminations (hiring/ promotions)

[R] In-custody inmate/ prisoner suicides (and prevention methods)

[R] Injuries to/ physical or sexual assaults on inmates and prisoners

[R] Insufficient or inadequate training

[R] Jail medical procedures

[Q] Physical Fitness Standards & Training

[Q] Poor or inadequate conditions in jails and correctional facilities

[Q] Prisoner transport, restraints, handcuffing and hog-tying

[Q] Search and seizure

[Q] Security policies and procedures

[Q] Sexual Harassment

[Q] Standards for discipline, internal affairs procedures, (in)adequate punishment

[Q] Street Gang Violence/ Prevention


{9} Types of cases you will not accept: 


{10} Other information relevant in evaluating your services (publications, awards, achievements, special interests):


“Best Practices Leader” in Bucks County, 2007

President’s Certificate, Bucks County Police Chiefs Association

Governor’s Highway Safety Award, 1998

Special Achievement Award, German American Police Association, 1993, 1995

US Dept of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, 1990, 2001, 2006

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, DUI Enforcement, 2001, 2004

Fraternal Order of Police, Bucks County Lodge #53, 1992

Concerns of Police Survivors, Continuing Training, 2004

Warrington Youth Aid Panel