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David A. Rose Consulting

Law Enforcement Physical Skills Training & Consulting Company

12410 Erin Drive

Auburn, CA 95603-2963

Tel: 530-305-8035/530-823-0294

Fax: 530-823-3660

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Internet Website:


Expert/Consultant Information


{1} Relevant prior & part time employment:



{2} Degrees and relevant special training:



{3} Other Professional Activities:



{4} Retainer information:


Case load average: 

90% Defendant or People, 10% Plaintiff

32 for Defendant, 3 for Plaintiff


{5} Names, addresses, and telephone number of attorneys who may be contacted as references:


Ron Scott Owens, Placer County District Attorney

11562 B Avenue, Auburn, CA. 95603, 530-889-7000



Harry S. Stern of Rains, Lucia & Wilkinson

2300 Contra Costa Blvd. Suite 230

Pleasant Hill, CA. 94523, 925-609-1699



Timothy J. Schmal of Burton, Volkmann & Schmal

133 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, CA. 95060, 831-425-5023



Wayne H. Maire of Maire & Beasley

2851 Park Marina Drive, Suite 300, Redding, CA. 96001, 530-246-6050



Greg Fox of Bertrand, Fox & Elliot

2749 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA. 94109, 415-353-0990



{6}Publications that contain your paid advertisements




{7} Usual and customary fee:


$1000-1500 retainer credited towards case review

$200 an hour for case review

$300 an hour for testimony

Per diem charges as incurred


{8} Areas of Expertise and Experience:


Note - Letter codes used in front of the subject mean:

[T]  Testified in court or at deposition on the subject.

[R]  Retained as a consultant, but have not testified on the subject.

[Q]  Qualified to testify or consult on the subject, but have not served as a paid consultant.


[T]   Agency policies, practices and customs

[T]  Batons, flashlights and other impact weapons

[T]  Chemical irritants & electrical weapons

[T]  Deadly force; shooting avoidance and alternatives

[T]  Employee dishonesty investigations

[Q]  Failure to protect specific person (domestic violence, witnesses, etc.)

[Q]  Firearm range design-realism

[Q]  In-custody inmate/prisoner suicides (and prevention methods)

[R]  Inadequate premises security (guards, CCTV, locks, lighting, etc.)

[T]  Injuries to/physical or sexual assaults on inmates and prisoners

[T]  Insufficient or inadequate training

[T]  Neck restraints and similar defensive tactics

[R]  Positional asphyxia

[T]  Identification of injuries caused by weaponless defense techniques

[T]  Identification of injuries caused by police impact weapons

[T]  Prisoner transport, restraints, handcuffing and hog-tying   

[T]  SWAT techniques, hostage & barricade situations

[T]  Reaction and Lag Time issues

[T]  Jail procedures


{9} Types of cases you will not accept.


            (No response)


[10] Other information relevant in evaluating your services: