Suicide by Cop Resources


A Books (chronological)


Copicide: Concepts, Cases, and Controversies of Suicide by Cop

John Voilanti and James Drylie

ISBN 978-0-398-07837-9

Charles C. Thomas (2008)


Suicide by Cop: Committing Suicide by Provoking Police to Shoot You

Mark Lindsay and David Lester

ISBN 0-89503-290-2 (2004)

Baywood Publishing


Suicide by Cop: Inducing Officers to Shoot:

Practical Direction for Recognition, Resolution and Recovery

Vivian Lord

ISBN 1889031607

Looseleaf Law Publications (2004)


B Selected Articles (chronological)


Shoot Me! An Overview of Suicide by Cop

DeVere Woods Jr. and David Polizzi

Law Enforcement Executive Forum (Feb. 2008)


Suicide by Cop: Prevention, Response and Recovery

Dr. Laurence Miller

PoliceOne (Mar. 19. 2007)


Suicide by Cop: Reducing Personal and Organizational Liability Through Investigation

Audrey L. Honig, Ph.D.,

Journal of California Law Enforcement (Apr. 2006).


Suicide by Cop: Causes, Reactions, and Practical Intervention Strategies

Dr. Laurence Miller

8 International Journal of Emergency Mental Health 165-174 (2006) Abstract


Suicide by Cop

Dr. Laurence Miller

Chap. 10 in Practical Police Psychology

CC Thomas (2006) Abstract


Suicide by Cop: Implications and Considerations for Police Psychologists

IACP Annual Conference, Police Psychological Services Section, presentations by Roland, McCutcheon & Allen (Oct. 16, 2009).


Suicide by Cop

Anthony Pinizzotto, et al.

74 (2) FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin 8-21 (Feb. 2005)


Suicide Risk & Hostage/Barricade Situations Involving Older Persons

Arthur Slatkin, Ed.D., 72 (4) FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin 26-31 (Apr. 2003)


Suicide by Cop The Ultimate Trap

Louise Pyers

FBI National Academy Magazine (Jul-Aug. 2001)

Suicide by Police in Section 1983 Suits:

Relevance of Police Tactics

Timothy Flynn & Robert Homant

Univ. of Detroit Mercy Law Review (Spring, 2000)


Suicide by Cop

Bernard Farber

2007 (8) AELE Monthly Law Journal 101 (Aug.. 2008)


Suicide-By-Cop: Liability, Training, and Municipal Concerns

John Peters

Police and Security News (Jan-Feb. 2003)


Suicide by Cop and Criminal Responsibility

R. D. Miller, M.D., Ph.D.

29 (3) Journal of the Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (Sep. 2001)


Effectiveness of Less than Lethal Force in Suicide-by-Cop Incident

Robert Homant and Daniel Kennedy

3 (2) Police Quarterly (Sage) 153-171 (2000)


Clinical and Forensic Indicators of "Suicide by Cop"

Mohandie and Meloy

45 (2) Journal of Forensic Sciences (Mar. 2000)


Suicide by Cop

Daniel Kennedy,et al.

68 (8) FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin (Aug. 1998)


Suicide by Cop

H. Range Hutson, et al.

32 (6) Annals of Emergency Medicine 665-669 (Dec. 1998). Abstract.


Suicide by Cop

Clinton Van Zandt

FBI Academy

60 (7) The Police Chief (IACP) 24-30 (Jul. 1993)