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Schaumburg, Ill. Racial Profiling Policy

Police Department Village of Schaumburg, Illinois General Order No. 00-01 Standard Operating Procedure Code A-64

Issued: February 14, 2000 Effective: February 14, 2000

Indexed: Racial Profiling, Discriminatory Practices

Policy: To prevent and prohibit the practice of racial profiling and any other discriminatory practice by members of the Schaumburg Police Department.

Purpose: To ensure that in the absence of a specific report, race, ethnicity, age, gender, or sexual orientation of an individual shall not be the basis for the detention, interdiction or other disparate treatment of an individual by any member of the Schaumburg Police Department.


The detention, interdiction, or other disparate treatment of an individual on the basis of the racial or ethnic status of such individual.


A. Racial profiling of individuals is strictly prohibited by members of the Schaumburg Police Department.

1. In the absence of a specific report, race or ethnicity of an individual shall not be a factor in determining the existence of probable cause to place in custody or arrest an individual, or in constituting a reasonable and articulable suspicion that an offense has been or is being committed so as to justify the detention of an individual or the investigatory stop of a motor vehicle.

2. In response to a specific credible report of criminal activity, race or ethnicity of an individual shall not be the sole factor in determining the existence of probable cause to place in custody or arrest an individual.

B. Stops or detentions based on race, age, gender or sexual orientation or any other prejudicial basis by any member of the Schaumburg Police Department are prohibited.

1. The detention of any individual which is not based on factors related to a violation of or investigation of a violation of federal law, Illinois statutes, Village Code of Ordinances, or any combination thereof is prohibited.

2. No officer shall stop, detain, or search any person when such action is motivated by race, color, ethnicity, age, gender or sexual orientation.


A. The Office of Professional Standards shall conduct an investigation of any complaint of racial profiling or discriminatory practice received in accordance with General Order 79-04, SOP A-19/Internal Investigations Procedures.

B. All complaints, and a record of the disposition or finding of any investigation shall be maintained in the Office of Professional Standards.


A. The Field Services Deputy Chief is the community liaison for profiling and/or discrimination issues.

B. The community liaison shall meet as required, or requested by a particular group member, with members of groups affected by this policy.

C. The community liaison shall review all complaints of profiling and/or discrimination to determine if additional follow-up or remedial action is required.

D. Annually, the Administration Division Manager shall prepare a summary report for the Chief of Police and disseminate copies to all deputy chiefs, division commanders/managers, and Office of Professional Standards.

E. The annual summary report shall include but not be limited to:

1. Listing each complaint 2. Explaining any action(s) taken 3. Recommending training needs 4. Recommending policy changes


A. All police department personnel shall receive training at least annually on the harms of racial profiling and discrimination, including the review of this policy.

B. Additional diversity and sensitivity training shall be designated for officers with sustained racial profiling or other sustained discrimination complaints filed against them.


A. Appropriate sanctions shall be implemented for noncompliance of this policy.

B. In addition to required remedial training pursuant to Section V.B., officers who have sustained racial profiling or sustained discrimination complaints filed against them may also be reassigned.

C. Failure to report any observed or known violations of this general order by any police department employee shall result in disciplinary action.


A. Persons who file complaints shall be interviewed by the Office of Professional Standards and all such complaints shall be documented in accordance with established department policy (G.O. 79-04, SOP A-19).

B. Complainants shall not be subject to coercion, or threat of investigation, or malicious prosecution.

By Order of: The Office of the Chief of Police, Village of Schaumburg

Schaumburg Police Department 1000 West Schaumburg Road Schaumburg, IL 60194 Phone: (847) 348-7023 Fax: (847) 882-5572.



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