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To: All Criminal Justice Experts/Consultants
From: AELE Executive Director
Re: AELE Criminal Justice Expert Witness/Litigation Directory

After publishing eight print editions, our Criminal Justice Directory is completely online. If you are a Criminal Justice Expert or Litigation Consultant and want to be listed, you have two options:

Option #1: Free (basic) listing

We need, from each of you, some basic information (which is listed below as Option #1). There is NO CHARGE for a simple listing with that information. You may fax us a note (to the 800 fax # below), or mail us, or send an e-mail with that simple information. Indicate that you are requesting the "FREE LISTING ONLY" -- that is, you are NOT going to send us the Bio info. that pertains to Option #2.

Option # 2: $40 fee includes a multi page entry on our website!

1. You should send the information requested on the form below, in plain (generic) text format, as an e-mail attachment.

Do NOT add bolding, etc. We will reformat the text into HTML format.

2. You must retype all of the information requested on the form below, including the questions/headers. Following each heading you should add the information requested. If something does not apply, e.g., you don't have a fax or e-mail, type "N/A". On item No. {4}, if you have taken a lot of cases, you can list an appx. # of cases, and appx. percentages of those that are for the plaintiff and defendant.

Unlike the earlier print versions of this directory, you can expand your vita and list the subjects of your expertise without limitation of space. If you have 70 categories of expertise, feel free to list all 70. However, we cannot guarantee that we will have all 70 as categories in the "Areas of Expertise" part of our Directory.

By clicking on a subject (such as Deadly Force), Internet users will see a list of experts. Users can then click on an expert by name, and they will be hyperlinked to that individual's listing. Option # 2 experts will have, in addition to their name-address-tel-fax, a hyperlink to the biographical information section (the items listed {1} through {10} on the second part of the form, below). If the expert also has his or her own Internet Homepage/website, that also will be hyperlinked.

The subjects that are currently listed are:

[ ] Administrative negligence [failure to direct, inadequate supervision]
[ ] Agency policies, practices and customs
[ ] Batons, flashlights and other impact weapons
[ ] Campus rapes and assaults
[ ] Capital Sentencing
[ ] Chemical irritants & electrical weapons
[ ] Competency, Insanity and Diminished Capacity
[ ] Correctional Psychiatry
[ ] Deadly force; shooting avoidance and alternatives
[ ] Employment discrimination (hiring/promotions)
[ ] Employee dishonesty investigations
[ ] Failure to protect specific persons (domestic violence, witnesses, etc.)
[ ] Firearm range design - realism
[ ] Freedom of Information/release of police reports to public
[ ] Handicap/Disability Discrimination
[ ] In-custody inmate/prisoner suicides (and prevention methods)
[ ] Inadequate premises security (guards, CCTV, locks, lighting, etc.)
[ ] Injuries to / physical or sexual assaults on inmates and prisoners
[ ] Insufficient or inadequate training
[ ] Jail medical procedures
[ ] K-9 deployment and training
[ ] Neck restraints and similar defensive tactics
[ ] Physical Fitness Standards and Training
[ ] Poor or inadequate conditions in jails and correctional facilities
[ ] Positional restraint asphyxia
[ ] Prisoner transport, restraints, handcuffing and hog-tying
[ ] Psychiatric Disability
[ ] Psychological screening of employees
[ ] Racial profiling litigation
[ ] Retention of a known unfit employee or negligent entrustment of a weapon
[ ] Search and Seizure
[ ] Security policies and procedures
[ ] Sexual harassment
[ ] Sexual Offender Evaluations
[ ] Standards for discipline, internal affairs procedures, (in)adequate punishment
[ ] Street Gang Violence/Prevention
[ ] SWAT techniques, hostage & barricade situations
[ ] Use/protection of confidential informants
[ ] Vehicle pursuit & emergency response policies & techniques
[ ] Workplace violence

We will be adding additional subjects, depending on the responses we get. Remember to put the [T], [R] or [Q] in front of each subject you list (see the form for codes). Do NOT retype any of the above subjects if you do not answer them with a [T], [R] or [Q]; just omit that/those line(s). Add more subjects/topics, at will.

Option # 2 consultants must also send AELE a check for $40, which will cover the costs of reformatting the data on the form, and uploading it to our website. It will also cover your "rent" for the use of our website for this additional information, and the cost of making any changes through the year 2003. So if you change your fees, or "Ma Bell" changes your area code, the revisions can be made in a matter of hours.

Send the check to "AELE" . We are not trying to make a profit on this venture. Because AELE is a tax-exempt entity, we cannot divert our resources to assist private consultants who charge a fee for their work; that is why we are charging a modest $40 fee.

If you send us the information via e-mail attachment, we will remind you to mail us the $40; we also take MC/Visa via fax or phone. Do not send your credit card info. via unsecure e-mail.

There is no time limit for your response. However, the faster you get us a diskette, the sooner you will have your vita on our website. This is a great opportunity.

If you have any questions, fax a note, call or send AELE an e-mail to



Agency OR employment affiliation:





Internet Website:


[This has been completed by the person listed]

{1} Relevant prior and parttime employment, with dates:
     [List here]

{2} Degrees and relevant special training:
     [List here]

{3} Other professional activities, etc.
      [List here]

{4} Retainer information:
* Appx. number of times retained by claimant's counsel:
* Appx. number of times retained by defense counsel:

{5} Names, addresses and telephone numbers of attorneys who may be contacted as references:
      [List here]

{6} Publications that contain your paid advertisements (since 1996):
     [List here]

{7} Usual and customary fee:
      [List here]


{9} Types of cases you will not accept.

{10} Other information relevant in evaluating your services (publications, awards, achievements, special interests).


Send the standardized resumé as an e-mail attachment, to:
and type "Expert Witness Form" in the subject area of the e-mail.
Then fax us the credit card info or call us.

If you prefer to pay by check, mail it to:

841 W. Touhy Ave.
Park Ridge IL 60068-3351 USA
Tel. (800) 763-2802
Fax (800) 763-3221

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