This is a list of website addresses of various courts, legislatures, agencies, nonprofit organizations and commercial enterprises, where opinions, statutes, articles and other materials can be found. Some sites offer searchable databases. Use of many of these sites is free, while some may charge a fee. AELE does not receive revenue for carrying these links. We do not warrant the accuracy of the information on other sites, and the use of these sites is entirely at your own risk. Please email us with any suggestions for additions, corrections, or changes.
Court decisions - Federal
Court decisions - State
Court decisions & Related Information- Foreign
Statutory & Regulatory Materials - Federal
Statutory & Regulatory Materials - State
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A - Court Decisions - Federal:

»Retrieve FREE published decisions from federal courts:   LexisOneSM allows anyone to access selected federal and state case law from the Lexis electronic law library, with cases decided from the last ten years  (U.S. Supreme Court cases from 1781 to the present). Users can search by Keywords, docket number or case citation.

Supreme Court of the U. S.

Official U.S. Supreme Court website:
(Includes opinions since Fall 1999, calendar of arguments, docket, court rules, etc.)

(Decisions since 1893. Searchable by full text, volume, year or citation)

(Decisions since 1990)

(Decisions issued between 1937 and 1975)

Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal

[For a map showing the geographical areas included in these circuits, click here; states are also listed after the links below].
First: [covers ME, MA, NH., RI., and PR]
Second: [covers CT, NY, and VT]
Third: [covers DE, NJ, PA, and VI].
Fourth: [covers MD, NC, SC, VA, and WV]
Fifth: [covers LA, MS, and TX]
Sixth:  [covers KY, MI, OH, and TN]
Seventh:  [covers IL, IN, and WI]
Eighth:  [covers AR, IA, MN, MO, NE, ND, and SD]
Ninth  [covers AK, AZ, CA., GU, HI, ID, MT, NV.,
               OR, WA, and MP].
Tenth: (decisions from 1995-present)
           [covers CO, KS, NM, OK, UT, and WY]
Eleventh: [covers AL, FL, and GA]
D.C.: [covers District of Columbia]
Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces:

Lower federal courts and panels:

Listing of  federal district court sites:

Court of Federal Claims:

Federal judicial sites:

Federal labor relations sites:
Federal Labor Relations Authority decisions:
Merit Systems Protection Board decisions:
National Labor Relations Board & FSIP decisions:

B - Court Decisions - State:

Findlaw lists court decisions from various states available online at:

C - Court Decisions & Related Information- Foreign:

High Court of Australia:

British Court of Appeals cases:
(British Court of Appeal Judgments 2009-present).

Supreme Court of Canada:

Federal Court of Canada:

D - Statutory & Regulatory Material - Federal:

Code of Federal Regulations
Federal Register
Courts Public Access
Govt. Printing Office - many government docs
The Library of Congress
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Legislative Information on the Internet
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Patent Database
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Uniform Commercial Code
United States Constitution
United States Code
Federal Rules of Evidence
Department of Justice and other U.S. Government Sites
Federal and state government links

E - Statutory & Regulatory Material - State:

Full-text of state statutes and legislation on the Internet

District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

F- Municipal Ordinances:

The municipal codes of hundreds of cities and towns in most of the states.  Also see:

G - Organizations with Law Links:

Legal Associations and Organizations
American Arbitration Association
American Bar Association
California State Bar
Illinois State Bar
New York State Bar
Texas State Bar
Other State Bar Associations

Law Schools:
Hieros Gamos - Law Schools

Legal Web Sites:
ALSO! tries to provide a comprehensive, uniform, and useful compilation of links to all on-line sources of American law that are available without charge, plus additional links, commentary, and practice links that are available without charge (or at a reasonable charge).
The 'lectric Law Library
The Library's goal is to allow you to easily find and access law-related information and products that you want or need.
Meta Index - Law
This site offers an "eclectic" collection of information geared mainly for the legal profession, but also including a variety of non-legal oriented materials that anyone might use.
The most efficient tool for finding law on the Internet. CataLaw arranges hundreds of legal and government indexes into a single, simple, intuitive metaindex. CataLaw is the catalog of catalogs of law on the Internet.
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
CALI is a non-profit consortium of law schools seeking to provide computer-assisted legal tutorials written by professors from around the country.
Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute
LII gives you access to recent Supreme Court Decisions as well as providing an additional venue for Cornell Law School publications and commentary by faculty, staff and students.
Electronic Privacy Information Center
EPIC is a public interest research center in Washington, D.C. It was established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values.
Findlaw provides links to a variety of legal web sites, but also contains a search engine of legal web sites as well as the ability to search for law reviews.
Hieros Gamos
HG is a very large legal site which provides over 10,000 links, over 12,000 pages ranging from practice areas to discussion groups and online seminars.
Internet Legal Resource Site
The comprehensive guide to legal resources on the Internet.
Jeff Flax's Law Related Resources
This is a rather large and informed list of legal web sites, which itself could almost constitute a superlink web site.
JURIST: The Law Professors' Network. The Legal Education Portal.
Legal Questions, answers and research. Includes a gigantic metaindex search tool for legal related search engines. Also has a legal forms retrieval site at
Lawmall - For Lawyers, Clients & State Government Servers
LawMall is a collection of legal information and sources on the internet. It provides information for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.
Law Library Resource Xchange
A free legal site providing resources for legal professionals and law librarians on research and information technology solutions.
Extensive "list of lists" of on-line legal resources.
Legal Language Services
A provider of litigation support, including translation, interpreting, transcription and international service of process. Site includes a wide variety of useful links, including links to international and national legal organizations and resources, on-line legal forms, court reporters, an attorney search engine, etc.
The web site of LEGIS-SLATE describes itself best as a, "provider of online congressional and regulatory information."
The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
Links to proposed and adopted uniform state laws
Searches and links appx. 4 million government web pages, including sites not displayed or available on public research sites. A monthly or daily access fee is charged, and many documents can be retrieved only by paying the agency an additional fee for the publication.
Web Journal of Current Legal Issues
The Web Journal of Current Legal Issues is published bi-monthly on the World Wide Web. The focus of the Journal is on current legal issues in judicial decisions, law reform, legislation, legal research, policy related socio-legal research, legal information, information technology and practice.
The WWW Virtual Library: Law:Legal Services Industry
Maintained by the Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington., a site for Missouri and Kansas law enforcement officers maintained by the General Counsel of the Kansas City, MO, Police Dept.

H - Other Informational Sources:

News / Media:
National Press Club - Library
CNN All-Politics
Los Angeles Times
New York Times
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post

Law Reviews on-line

I - Internet Search Engines:

Alta Vista
Excite (Formerly Infoseek)



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