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Former AELE Executive Director Photo
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Officers, Directors and Trustees

Daniel B. Hales,
AELE Director and Past-President * Photo
Attorney at Law, Winnetka, IL


Eric P. Daigle, Director* Photo

Attorney at Law, Southington, CT. General Counsel,

FBI - Law Enforcement Executive Development Assn.

Chair,  IACP Legal Officers Section (2015-16)


Chet Epperson, Director* and Corporate Secretary Photo

Chief of Police (Ret.)

Rockford, IL


George P. Graves, Director* Photo
Chief of Police, Downers Grove IL (Ret.)
Past President, IL Assn. of Chiefs of Police

Former Natl. Secy., FBI Natl. Associates;

Western Springs, IL

Charles A. Gruber, Director* Photo
Former Chief of Police, South Barrington IL, Elgin IL,

Quincy IL and Shreveport LA; Past President, International

Assn. of Chiefs of Police. DoJ litigation consultant.

St. Charles, IL


Russell B. Laine, Director* Photo

Chief of Police, Algonquin, IL (Ret.)

Past President, International Assn. of Chiefs of Police


Giacomo (Jack) A. Pecoraro, Director* Photo

Former chief of police and police legal advisor;

Former Exec. Dir., IL Assn. of Chiefs of Police;

Past Parliamentarian, International Assn. of Chiefs of Police

Springfield, IL; AELE Associate Executive Director (2015-2016)


Emory A. Plitt, Jr., Director* AELE President (2015 post)

Circuit Judge [retired]

Harford County, MD

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Michael Ramage, Trustee

Former prosecutor, Miami-Dade County, FL

Retired General Counsel, Florida Dept. of

Law Enforcement, Tallahassee  Photo


Charles Remsberg, Trustee Photo

Original co-founder, Calibre Press Street Survival Seminars

Author, several text books on patrol tactics;

former Correspondent, PoliceOne and Editor, Force Science Research Center

Wilmette, IL


Charles D. Reynolds, Treasurer and Director* Photo
Consent Decree Auditor and DoJ consultant

Former Chief of Police, Mayor and City Manager, Dover, NH
Past President, International Assn. of Chiefs of Police. 


Wayne W. Schmidt, Director* and Assistant Corporate Secretary Photo

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Richard N. Williams, Trustee Photo
Former Corporation Counsel, Hoffman Estates IL
Former associate counsel, N.U. [Police] Traffic Institute;

Attorney, Florida.


Alan C. Youngs, Director* Photo

Div. Chief, Lakewood CO Police (Ret.)

Attorney at Law, Colorado



* -- indicates an active, voting member of the AELE governing Board


Distinguished Past Directors and Officers


Arthur F. Brandstatter, † Past Director and co-founder;
former Brigadier General, U.S. Army Military Police (Korea)
later served as Dean, Michigan State University School of

Police Administration. Also served as the first Director of the

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Glynco, GA). Photo


Frank G. Carrington, † Former Executive Director
and AELE Past President; former Treasury Agent; former
Legal Coordinator, Denver Police. Founder of VALOR,

a victims’ rights organization.


Arthur H. Daniels, Past Director and Treasurer
Attorney; former Chief Financial Officer
CEM Insurance Group, Wheeling IL
Former Chief, IRS Intelligence Div., Chicago

Corpus Christi, TX.


Don R. Derning, † Past Director; former Chief of
Police, Winnetka, IL; Past President and former
Executive Director, IL Assn. of Chiefs of Police;
Past President & former Parliamentarian,
International Association of Chiefs of Police. Photo


Frank S. Hogan, † Past Advisory Board Member;
“Mister DA” - District Attorney for New York County, N.Y.
(Manhattan) 1941-1973. Photo


Fred E. Inbau, † Principal founder, Past President
and Chairman Emeritus; Board Member, 1966-1997;
John Henry Wigmore Professor of Law Emeritus,
Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago;
former Director, Chicago Police Scientific Crime
Detection Laboratory. Author of books on interrogation,

use of the polygraph, and criminal law. Photo


Hon. Donald S. Leonard, † Past Advisory Board Member;
Judge, Recorder’s Court, Detroit; former Commissioner,
Michigan State Police (1947-52); Past President and
Parliamentarian, Intern. Assn. of Chiefs of Police.


Harry T. Mahoney, † Trustee
Author of historical books on espionage
Attorney; former manager of international security, McDonald’s Corp.
Retired, Central Intelligence Agency (Clandestine Service)


Malcolm W. Martin, † Past Director and Treasurer;
co-founded the law firm of Peper, Martin et al, St. Louis;
Past President, St. Louis Board of Education;

Aide to General Omar Bradley and bronze star recipient.


Hon. Richard B. Olgivie, † Past Director and co-founder;
former Governor of IL, former President of the Cook
County Board and Sheriff. Practiced law in Chicago
and served as CEO of the Milwaukee Railroad. Photo


William B. Randall, † Past Director and Vice President;
former County Atty., St. Paul, MN; Past President,
National District Attorneys Association; honored for his

employment of women and minorities.


Hon. James R. Thompson, AELE’s founding President;
former Assoc. Prof., Northw. Univ.; former U.S. Attorney;
served four terms as Governor of Illinois; former
managing partner, Winston & Strawn, Chicago; member of
the 9-11 Commission (National Commission on Terrorist
Attacks Upon the United States). Photo


Orlando W. Wilson, † Past Director and AELE co-founder;
former Superintendent, Chicago Police. Former
Dean, School of Police Administration, University
of California
(Berkeley). Author of leading books on

police administration and police planning. Photo


Hon. Evelle Younger, † Past Director and Chairman;
former Attorney General of California; former
District Attorney of Los Angeles County; former
Judge, Superior Court of Los Angeles County. Photo


† Now deceased.

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