The following are unsolicited comments from an AELE seminar attendant, who is assigned as a training officer in a major city police department. Received on 10/3/2008:


“I was able to complete the AELE Police Litigation Specialist Certification.


“I brought back the information and incorporated it into our CED/Taser and Defensive Tactics Training Program as well as educating our Command Staff and Civilian Review Authority ...


“It has yielded great results with complaints of excessive use of force involving Tasers ...


“The officers were trained with supportive materials from AELE courses and have been making reasonable judgments when utilizing force during arrest situations.


“These good judgments have resulted in minimal complaints from the subjects arrested concerning excessive force, 17 out of 430 Taser deployments.


“Of the 17 complaints, the Civilian Review Authority has deemed them reasonable and no further investigation needed. The subject and officer injuries have decreased also.”



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