Police Use of Force – Law Instructor’s Guide


AELE – a research-driven, nonprofit educational organization – has a mission of disseminating legal information to law enforcement officers of all ranks and assignments.


We recognize that only one or two hundred people can find the time and money to attend a national seminar. Most officers will never have the opportunity to be sent to a national seminar, and must rely on local meetings, special programs and in-house training sessions.


For that reason, AELE has created a Police Use of Force Law Instructor’s Guide for local use.


The Guide was written by Emory A. Plitt, a Circuit Court Judge in Maryland, who previously served for 20 years as counsel for the Maryland State Police.


While anyone can recite from a canned presentation, only those who are familiar with a topic will be able to effectively and correctly answer questions. For that reason, we have limited distribution of the Guide to persons who have earned AELE's Certified Litigation Specialist designation. A few details:


1.      The first edition of the Guide contains a general outline, split into 20 sections. Click here to see the entire contents.


2.      There are 11 other stand-alone legal outlines, covering topics such as special operations, suicide by cop, canines, and force continuums. There also is a list of resources.


3.      In most cases, at the end of each section is a list of references. Internet hyperlinks are provided for selected source materials.


4.      The guide is free, and is published on a CD-ROM. The outlines are in PDF format.


5.      The Guide will be mailed to all AELE Certified Litigation Specialists. It will not be sold or given to others, who lack the educational requirements for our CLS designation.


6.      The Guide is only a supplement to the extensive materials on our seminar CD-ROMs, which contain hundreds of articles, court decisions, policies, etc. The Guide was specially written to give you, as a local instructor, substantive articles on a variety of use of force topics.