International Association of Chiefs of Police
Legal Officers Section and
Police Psychological Services Section
2003 conference materials and resources


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Legal Officers Section


Presentations by the FLETC Legal Division (and others) [Website link]


From the 2003 conference in Philadelphia:

• Government Employee Searches  [Ms-Word download and PowerPoint]

• Terrorism Based Terry Stops  [Ms-Word download and PowerPoint; also in HTML below]

• School Safety Law  [Ms-Word and PowerPoint]

• HIPAA – Fiction, Fact, and Function [PowerPoint]


From the 2002 conference in Minneapolis:

• Officer Safety Law  [PowerPoint]

• Law After 9-11 (Patriot Act)  [PowerPoint]

• Airport Searches  [PowerPoint]



Also, click here to download a FLETC legal textbook [PDF web link]



Terrorism Based Terry Stops, by Carl Milazzo, FLETC.  [HTML version of above]


Legal Check List for Issues Surrounding Incidents Related to Terrorism, [HTML] and accompanying PowerPoint presentation, by Mark Newbold, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.


The Chief’s Guide to Labor Relations, a manual by Jack Collins – Counsel, Mass. Assn. of Chiefs of Police.  [HTML]


Public Records Considerations in Creating and Sharing Domestic Security Information, by Michael Ramage, Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement.  [HTML]


Significant Decisions Affecting Law Enforcement in the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2002-2003 Term, by Jeffrey Higginbotham, Attorney.  [HTML]


Recent Federal Cases Concerning the 1st, 4th, and 14th Amendments, by Mark Newbold, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.  [HTML]


Civil Liability Issues, by Mark Newbold, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.  [PowerPoint]


Civil Liability: Section 1983 Update, by Elliott Spector, Attorney, West Hartford, CT. [HTML]


First Amendment Issues, by Mark Newbold, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.  [PowerPoint]


Employment Law Update, by Jody Litchford – City Attorney's Office, Orlando, FL.  [HTML]


Mandated DNA Collection: Is There a Limit? List of cases by Beverly Ginn, City Attorney’s Office, Tucson, AZ.  [HTML] and her PowerPoint presentation.


Labor Relations Requirements for Mandatory Vaccinations by Jack Collins – Counsel, Mass. Assn. of Chiefs of Police.  [HTML] – with added case notes from AELE.


Crowd Control & Public Demonstrations, by Mary Jo Harris, Legal Advisor, Boston Police.  [HTML]


Guide to Interrogation and Confessions, by Lisa Judge – Tucson, AZ  [Ms-Word download] and her PowerPoint presentation. 


IACP Legislative Information and Report.  [Website link]


Information on the IACP Legal Officers’ Section.  [Website link]


Other presentations will be uploaded, if and when sent to us at



Police Psychological Services Section


Legal Update for Police Psychologists 2003, by Wayne W. Schmidt, AELE.  [HTML]


Information on the IACP Police Psychological Services Section.  [Website link]




Some terrorism resources compiled by AELE


Checklist for State and Local Government Attorneys to Prepare for Possible Disasters, American Bar Association Task Force on Emergency Management and Homeland Security.  [PDF web link]


Law Review Articles on Terrorism. [Website link]


List of legislation inspired by the attack of Sept. 11, 2001. [Website link]


Terrorists and Suicide Attacks, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress. [PDF web link]


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