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LAS VEGAS -- October 10-12, 2005

This program qualifies for the Certified Litigation SpecialistTM  designation.
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For future workshop dates and site information, call or write A.E.L.E.


Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement Civil Liability -
· Program Introduction ~ The Reality of Defense ~ Defense Objectives ~ Burdens of Proof ~ Civil Liability Overview ~ Federal Civil Rights Cases ~ Relationship to State Tort Law ~ The Good Faith Defense ~ Information Collection ~ Representation Issue and Conflicts

The Use of Force -
· Deadly Force ~ Non-Deadly Force ~ Reasons to Use Force ~ Legal Standards ~ The Involved Officer ~ Investigation ~ Training ~ Weapons and Tactics ~ Defense Considerations

Policy and Procedure Liability -
· What are Policies and Procedures ~ Deliberate Indifference ~ Policy Development ~ Policymaker Liability ~ Documents and Records ~ Discipline ~ Training ~ Supervision

Vehicle Pursuits and Emergency Operation -
· Research Findings ~ Types of Pursuits ~ Policies and Procedures ~ Types of Vehicles ~ Tactics and Alternatives ~ Officer Response and Reaction ~ Roadblocks and Ramming ~ Control Issues ~ Types of Emergency Response

Failure to Protect Issues -
· Domestic Violence ~ Crime Victims ~ Witnesses ~ Special Relationships ~ Promises to Protect ~ Failure to Respond ~ Duty to Warn ~ Other Officers ~ Hazards ~ Citizens in Positions of Danger

In Custody Deaths -
· Suicides ~ Handling of Prisoners ~ High Risk Situations ~ Arrestees ~ Searches and Screening ~ Training

Loss Prevention and Control -
· Role of Internal Affairs ~ Training ~ Management Audits ~ Incident Review ~ Field Performance ~ Early Warning Systems ~ Collection, Review and Use of Documents ~ Patrol Operations ~ Misconduct Complaints and Discipline ~ Policies and Procedures ~ Accreditation ~ National Standards

Use of Experts -
· Types of Experts ~ Legal Standards on the Use of Experts ~ Discovery Considerations ~ Selection of Experts ~ Reasons to Use Experts ~ Reports ~ Re-enactments and Videotaping ~ How to Research Experts ~ Frequently Encountered Problems ~ Preparing for Trial ~ Review of Documents and Reports ~ Handling the Involved Employee ~ Working with Employees and Attorneys

REMARKS _______________________________

* CLASS HOURS: Registration is from 8:15 to 9:00 a.m. on Monday. Class hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, and 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

* Training or prior familiarity with legal procedures is not necessary. Instructional techniques are employed that will benefit both lawyers and lay personnel. Ample time will be allowed for questions. Participation by attendants is encouraged.

* Workshop attendance will be limited; seating will be arranged behind narrow tables to facilitate discussion. If a larger number of persons register than can be accommodated, those in geographical proximity will receive preference.


Each attendant will be provided with a book containing copyrighted lecture outlines and case citations, plus a computer CD-ROM with in-depth articles written especially for this workshop.


* Approved by the State Bar of California for 12.75 hours, including 1 hour for Ethics.
* Approved by the State Bar of Florida for 16 hours, including 1 hour for Ethics.
* Approved by the State Bar of Nevada for 13 hours, including 1 hour for Ethics.
* Other states with Mandatory Continuing Education requirements have accredited this seminar in prior years.


* W. Ken Katsaris ~ Law enforcement training specialist and litigation consultant. Former Sheriff of Leon County, Florida with prior service with Tallahassee and St. Petersburg Police Departments. Trainer, Florida Highway Patrol. Extensive experience in vehicle operations, use of force, and in custody deaths and injuries.

* Jeff Higginbotham, Esq. ~ Jeff Higginbotham is retired from the FBI where he served as a Special Agent, a legal advisor and legal instructor, and as an Assistant Director in charge of the Training Division. He is a former Chair of the IACP Legal Officer's Section. He has written and taught extensively on the topic of police liability. (2003 program speaker).

* Elliot Spector, J.D. ~ Past Chair of IACP Legal Officers Section and has extensive litigation practice defending agencies and officers against police misconduct claims. (2004 program speaker).

* Emory A. Plitt, Jr. ~ Judge, Harford County Circuit Court, Maryland. Former General Counsel, Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services and former County Attorney. Past Chair, IACP Legal Officers Section. Lecturer for the FBI, IACP, and AELE. Over 20 years experience in civil liability, discipline and personnel litigation in public safety agencies.

* Louis J. Reiter ~ Former Deputy Chief, Los Angeles Police Department. Past Chairman, LAPD Use of Force Review Board. Previously commanded LAPD Personnel and Training Bureau. Faculty member for Police Foundation Executive Institute, LEAA and Institute for Police Traffic Management. Currently serves as a consultant and expert witness in police liability cases.

* Wayne W. Schmidt (Staff Executive) ~ Executive Director of AELE, attorney and editor of Fire and Police Personnel Reporter.

(Because of trial schedule changes or other unplanned events, we may have to engage substitute speakers with similar knowledge and experience).

HOTEL _________________________

Upon registering with AELE you will receive an attendant's memo outlining the workshop activities. A limited number of rooms have been blocked at the conference hotel until 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE MEETING. Hotel reservations are the individual registrant's responsibility.

LAS VEGAS: 2005 Seminar: In 2005, all AELE Las Vegas workshops will be held at Alexis Resort and Villas (formerly the Alexis Park), 375 E. Harmon, Las Vegas, NV 89109.  Telephone: (702) 796-3354 or toll-free (800) 582-2228. Room rate information will appear here shortly.

TUITION ________________________

EARLY REGISTRATION: Fees for each workshop are:

$695.00 for the first person and $595.00 for each additional person if you register with AELE before August 29, 2005.

There is a $20.00 surcharge for the first attendant after the dates indicated; there is no surcharge for additional attendants up to the time the program begins.

* Registration includes luncheons on Monday and Tuesday. All meetings and luncheons will be held in the hotel facilities. Each attendant will be provided with a copyrighted set of materials and computer CD-ROM. Certificates will be presented to all registrants.


The tuition is fully refundable if cancellations are made before Monday October 3, 2005. Otherwise, a $75.00 cancellation fee will be charged per attendant. Upon written request, you may transfer your tuition to a future workshop, without a cancellation fee.

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