119th IACP Annual Conference Materials and 2012 Legal Articles

IACP Legal Officers Section (LOS)

The International Association of Police Attorneys

San Diego – Sep. 29 - Oct. 1, 2012



2012 LOS Annual Conference Papers and Outlines:


1.      Agenda

2.     Essential Job Functions, Disabling Conditions and the ADA, Karen Kruger, Baltimore, MD; Eugenia Esch, DoJ, Washington, DC; Fabrice Czarnecki, M.D., Baltimore, MD.

3.      Law Enforcement’s Response to Mentally Ill Persons, Marty Mayer, Esq., Fullerton, CA


2012 Conference Annual Updates:

Employment Law Update, Erica Mason, Atlanta, GA


Cases Affecting Police Psychologists

1.      Recent Cases Involving Police Psychological Evaluations. Marty Mayer, Esq., Fullerton, CA

2.      Selected 2012 Cases for Police Psychologists, Wayne Schmidt, AELE

Legal Ethics

1.     Wiretapping, Tape Recorders, and Legal Ethics: An Overview of Questions Posed by Attorney Involvement in Secretly Recording Conversation, Congressional Research Service Doc. #R42650 (Aug. 2012).


2012 Annual Conference Visual Presentations: (PDF)

1.      Americans with Disabilities Act & Employment, Eugenia Esch, DoJ, Washington, DC.

2.      Employment Law Update (Panel)

3.      Essential Job Functions, Disabling Conditions & the ADA, Karen Kruger, Baltimore, MD

4.      Establishing and Preserving Management Rights, Jack Collins, Mass. Chiefs of Police Assn.

5.      High Tech Monitoring of First Amendment Activities, Mark Newbold, Charlotte, NC

6.      Law Enforcement and the Mentally Ill, Herb Gupton, Ph.D., Honolulu, HI [Not present]

7.      Responding to Calls Involving Emotionally Disturbed Persons, Phil Trompetter, Ph.D., Modesto, CA

8.      “Say What?!” Recent 5th Amendment Self-incrimination Cases, Poppi Ritacco, FLETC, GA

9.      Social Media: Legal Challenges and Pitfalls, Michael T. Pettry, FBI, Quantico, VA

10.  Supreme Court Update, 2011-2012 Term, Bev Ginn, Tucson, AZ

11.  The Intended Object of a 4th Amendment Seizure – and the Intent that Counts, Tim Miller, FLETC, GA

12.  The Right to Photograph & Record in Public, Mickey Osterreicher, National Press Photographers Assn.


Other IACP Conference Presentations (of interest to police attorneys)

1.      Agency Liability: How to Protect More with Less, Eric Daigle, CT.


2012 Semi Annual Training Conference (Glendale, AZ – May 2012)



1. Selected ECD Research and Information, Mike Brave, Esq., Scottsdale, AZ

Visual Presentation

1. Understanding, Analyzing, and Applying Force Standards of Accountability, Mike Brave, Esq., Scottsdale, AZ


2012 AELE Articles


AELE Monthly Law Journal  (online, PDF format)

A variety of scholarly articles on police liability, discipline,

labor & employment law and corrections legal issues


AELE ECW Case Summaries (updated regularly

         AELE ECW Articles and Resources (updated periodically


Selected Legal Articles and Reports Published in 2012



* FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin – Law related articles


1.       Avoiding the Entrapment Defense in a Post-9/11 World (Jan. 2012)

2.       Training for Deadly Force Encounters (Mar. 2012)

3.       The Exigent Circumstances Exception After Kentucky v. King (Mar. 2012)

4.       Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture: Taking the Profit Out of Crime (Apr. 2012)

5.       Working Toward the Truth in Officer-Involved Shootings Memory, Stress, and Time (May 2012)

6.       Restraint in the Use of Deadly Force (Jun. 2012)

7.       Picketers, Protesters, and Police: The First Amendment and Investigative Activity (Aug. 2012)

8.       Qualified Immunity: How it Protects Law Enforcement Officers (Sep. 2012)

9.       Supreme Court Cases 2011-2012 Term (Nov. 2012)


* FLETC Legal Division


      2012 issues of The Informer (Summaries of appellate court cases)


* Florida Association of Police Attorneys

      Florida Case Law Update for Law Enforcement Legal Advisors


* Congressional Research Service

1.            Immigration Detainers - Legal Issues (Aug. 2012)

2.            Drones in Domestic Surveillance Operations: Fourth Amendment Implications and Legislative Responses (Sep. 2012)


* IACP – Law related articles and documents in The Police Chief or on the IACP website


1.              Electronic Control Devices: Where Are We Now? (Jan. 2012)

2.              Last Chance Agreements (Feb. 2012)

3.              Police and Court Opinions: So Much Law, So Little Time (Mar. 2012)

4.              The Devil in Paid Police Details? (Apr. 2012) 

5.              Ryburn v. Huff Affirms Police Decisions in Warrantless Entries (May 2012)

6.              The Lingering Privacy Concerns on High-Tech Surveillance and Monitoring of the Public (Jun. 2012)

7.              The Supreme Court Goes Back to the Future in Deciding the Constitutionality of Using GPS Technology: United States v. Jones, Part One (Jun. 2012)

8.              Implications for Other Technologies as Courts Apply Jones to GPS Cases (Jul. 2012)

9.              Reviewing Use of Force Practices (Aug. 2012)

10.          Crowd Management and Civil Rights Protection (Sep. 2012)

11.          Reasonable Accommodation under the Amended ADA (Oct. 2012)

12.          Ethics and Professionalism: No Lying, Cheating, or Stealing (Nov. 2012)

13.          Misconduct by Experienced Police Officers (Nov. 2012)

14.          Garrity Warnings: To Give or Not to Give, That is the Question (Dec. 2012).


* KenWallentine.com


 Xiphos – summaries of criminal procedure cases


* PATC Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute 


 2012 Legal Updates (Weekly case analyses)

 Legal Questions Answered (Periodically)


      * Force Science Institute, Ltd.

 Force Science News Archive (Use of force, biometrics, psychology and law)



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